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Monday, November 13, 2006
VOL. V Issue 11I
Holabird Advocate Explains it All
Down to the Capital City Hall
The Holabird Advocate has recently been read by someone using a computer at Pierre's City Hall. Our little Newsblog is used to attention from colleges, high schools, defense contractors, and once a U.S. Representative, who is still as of yet unknown. This is the first time a major South Dakota City has allowed it's employees to read our Front Page.
This should come as no surprise, since we've always had a certain amount of traffic from the Capitol City. Perhaps we should make the Petunia the official flower of the Holabird Advocate. Right now, It's dandelion. Any other idea's? Before Virginia Caraway chimes in, we'll also throw in the Yellow Rose to make it a 3-way race.
Dancey Funeral Tomorrow
Holabird, and the rest of the world, will say "so long" to Charles "Bud" Dancey tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at, we assume, the catholic Church in Highmore. Official details are scarce as nobody seems to want to talk about them with us. Mary Hinkle is planning to take her mother Agnes Hahn to the funeral. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate Hopes she will find it.
Our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle will not be in attendance. This is because he found out that the lady undertakers are both married, and one of them has a baby. To that he says, "RAT FINKY!!" Better luck next time, Bub!
Seriously, we do want to say that Buddy Dancey was in many ways one of the things that make Holabird great. He never sought attention, or the spotlight. He lived his life as best he could. He was a good and generous man . It was once reported that he gave a neighbor in need some winter hay. The next Spring, when the neighbor tried to repay him, he refused, Saying "I didn't give you the hay for payment, I gave it to you because you needed it. That is the mark of a true Holabird resident.
Flying Circus Shows Promise
Z-Money's Flying Circus played to a packed house at the Outpost in Highmore last Saturday night. Seth Zilverberg, owner of Holabird's newest enterprise, did himself proud. He's even picked up some groupies. A group of young ladies come all the way from Sioux Falls just to see his karaoke show. It's reported they are always part of the crowd when Seth sets up his musical extravaganza. That's devotion, no matter how you slice it.
The Flying Circus coincided with a surprise 50th birthday party for Mary Jo Nemec. Her family really did her proud. They put on quite a dinner, with a choice of beef or pork. The real treat was this dessert salad that Jerry Hinkle called "Death by Chocolate" because he was dying to have some more. The crowd liked it more than the birthday cake. Whoever catered the affair did an excellent job with meal preparation. As near as he could tell, Jerry thought the dessert contained bits of Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Mars Bars, Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding and Cool Whip. The exact recipe is not known, but we can assume it's a trade secret. Nothing that good could ever be public knowledge.
Some folks have said that at 50, Mary Jo is over the hill. "It's all down hill from here!", they claim. But we have heard that people who ski enjoy the downhill part best of all. May she have 50 more years! If she really wanted to die right away, Mary Jo could eat her fill of that dessert. She'd sure die happy, anyway. Either that, or need dentures for 50 years.
Called to the Mountain
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
I might not get to the computer as often this month. On top of everything else, I plan on taking advantage of the free Hallmark Channel. "The Waltons" are on for two hours a day Monday through Friday.
It has been good to see the old show again. I loved seeing Will Geer as Grandpa Walton. He reminded me so much of my own grandfather. Seeing the episode where the family celebrated his birthday by going to his grave was a real tear-jerker. Funny that I cried more for him than Grandad, but then I still feel him here with me.
Watching Ellen Corby as Grandma brings a chill to me as well. She could convey the full gambit of emotions even after her stroke. I remember as a boy hearing on the news that she had died, only to find out that the report was premature by 20 years. When Will Geer died for real, I didn't believe it.
Perhaps the best part of the show is the kids. None of them grew up to experiment with drugs, rob a convenience store or appear on a reality show. They were good at acting poor too. And you know they had to have been living in the Hollywood hills while doing the show. That's why they call it acting.
The show changed a lot through the years, but I've never seen any show that was as good before during or since. It has a timeless quality, which is rare for a period peace. The issues they dealt with in the 30s and 40s were not that different than in the 70s and 80s. Even in the 21st Century, the same issues crop up. The Walton family may be fictional, but in many ways, they are more real than a lot of what is seen on TV.

I vote for the Holabird Hollyhocks. The name has a certain pleasant alliteration, it just sort of rolls off your tongue and sounds right.
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