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Friday, November 10, 2006

VOL. V Issue 11H
Maybe Next Time She'll Think Before She Eats
At the 79th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, RFD-TV sponsored a Mega Concert which showcased Heartland, Jason Aldean, and Carrie Underwood. Fliers were passed out by an unknown source detailing Carrie Underwood's activism against meat-producing farms and companies. These fliers also asked concert attendees to support Heartland and Jason Aldean, but walk out when Carrie took the stage. Carrie Underwood is a spokeswoman for Sketchers Shoes, which is ironic, seeing as their shoes are made from leather, and last time we checked, leather came from cows. She has also appeared in a "Got Milk" campaign. Milk comes from cows as well, and if bull riding is cruel, then all of us here at the Holabird Advocate believe that squeezing a cow's udder until white stuff comes out sure should be. Maybe it is, but milk is just so darn tasty! As you can see from the photo of Ms. Underwood, she is a super skinny chick that could use a shot of beef steak.
Faith Hill was among those trying to get in good with People Eating Delicious Animals (PEDA) by distancing themselves from Carrie Underwood. She threw the mother of all hissy fits when Ms. Underwood was chosen as CMA Female Vocalist of the Year earlier this week. Too bad she tried to appease the Hollyweird crowd by saying it was a joke. PEDA Founder, Jerry Hinkle summed it up this way, "Faith Hill is dead to us!"
Here Comes The Snow
A blanket of snow was gently laid down last night and this morning in different places around the state. The Holabird area was no exception. While the white stuff was not measurable, it was a sign of things to come. The mercury is rising, however, and the blanket of snow may be gone before the night come.
End of the Trail for "Bud" Dancy
Darrel Hinkle reports that he had heard during his weekly bowling outing that Charles "Bud" Dancy has left this world for the next one. Details are sketchy and being hunted down as we speak. All of us here give our most sincere condolences to Bud's family. He was an institution in the Holabird area, and will be sorely missed.
Another Call to Prayer
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
Once again a sick child has found there way into my heart. This time it's 1 year old Brexton Day. Brexton is the son of Martin Day, and the great-grandchild of Nadine Day of Highmore. Brexton has a health problem known as CP. His family is asking for a miracle, the miracle of deliverance from this CP. There may be other things that I'm not aware of as well. Brexton and his family will be attending a healing prayer service sometime on Sunday, November 12. I'll be praying for him in the morning, at noon, and in the evening of that day. I hope that any and all Readers who are able can join in anytime and as often as possible. This may be the biggest thing we've asked of our Heavenly Father yet. As long as Brexton stands in the need of prayer, I intend on being one of his many who will supply that prayer. God will supply the healing!

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