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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
VOL. V Issue 11E
Billion Defeats Rounds
All of us at the Holabird Advocate Hope this headline gets the Governor's attention. As it happens, we are playing the part of the Chicago Tribune in this final chapter of campaign '06. This is because Dr. Jack Billion had his rear handed to him by Governor Marion "Mike" Rounds by a comfortable margin of 62% to Billion's 36%. If this keeps up, it looks like we have a new stockholder. Welcome aboard Mr. Epp.
In other news, it appears that Ruth Wood will be able to return to the Aberdeen American News as a columnist, if they're lucky and she's desperate.
Flying Circus Spreads Wings Near Holabird
Holabird can lay claim to a new business, and although the name implies livestock involvement, Z-Money's Flying Circus does not own cattle. The Flying Circus, rather, entertains locals with its mobile karaoke show.
"The business name combines my college nickname with circus imagery, both reminiscent of good times," said owner Seth Zilverberg.
The Flying Circus performed during the last two weekends at D&K Outpost in Highmore. Holabird and Highmore residents found previously undiscovered talent both nights. The next karaoke show will be November 11, starting at 9:00 pm at D&K.
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope this was not Seth's way of breaking the news to his parents. We also wish him well in this new venture. Hopefully all of Holabird will invade Highmore to see Seth in action. His business has a cute logo, but we were unable to cut, copy and paste it onto the Front Page of our little Newsblog. We were also unable to download or save it to the disc drive.
Kennedys Arrive Home
The Election Day traffic did not hinder George and Mavis Kennedy from making it to their Winter place in Green Valley, Arizona. They made it safe and sound earlier today. Mavis has her computer set up and waiting for something worth reading from Holabird. Let's hope she doesn't wait too long. She is grateful for this service, because it let's her know all of the stuff that her brother, Harold Hinkle, forgets to tell her.

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