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Monday, November 06, 2006

VOL. V Issue 11D
90 Never Looked So Good
The Family of former Holabird resident Janette Zilverberg Kubat Patterson got together recently to wish her well on reaching her 90th birthday. Janet Zilverberg Kopecky, who is nowhere near 90 years old, submitted this photo of the birthday girl with her brothers Jim, Dave, and John. As we understand it, Jim is the only one in the photo who has yet to become a nonagenarian. Missing from the photo is oldest brother, Mac who could not be present because he died before he could turn 90. Our Publisher never met Mrs. Patterson, but E.E. Hinkle used to talk about how his cousin Vernon Hosbrook used to hold her in a high regard. It would be interesting to hear her side of that story, since neither E.E. or Vernon can dispute her point of view.
More To Celebrate Tomorrow
Another Zilverberg is having a birthday! Mary Jo Zilverberg Nemec is also getting another year older. We aren't sure about the day, but Jerry Hinkle remembers being invited to her 30th birthday back in 19??, AND it just happened to be Election Day too. Jerry always celebrates her birthday by voting for at least 1 Democrat.
This Election Day just happens to be the 75th Anniversary of E.E. and Bergit Hinkle. Jerry often talks about the day he registered to vote at the Hyde County Courthouse. E.E. Not only went along, but made sure he filled in the form correctly by looking over his shoulder. Jerry would like to think that both E.E. and Bergit will be looking over his shoulder to make sure he fills out the ballot correctly. Jerry used to joke about changing parties the day after his "Grandad" was no longer around. Trouble is, Jerry still feels E.E.'s presence. Not only that, E.E. hears better than he used to.
DWU Is Reading Us
The Holabird Advocate Circulation Department reports that 3 of the last 10 hits have come from DWU. They obviously like what they see, or they'd be telling Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle to find another school to attend. Jerry is getting somewhat anxious about the process because the only thing in the way is his tour of DWU, which he has been unable to find time for. Between putting tin on the roof of his brother's house and weaning cattle, Jerry has been very busy. The Come to Jesus Taxi still needs work, too. Oh well, There's always next year! We're just glad that Jerry didn't take Nick Nemec's advice and change the name of our little Newsblog to "The Holabird Advocate and Co-Ed Skirt Chaser"
Apology Time Once Again
by Jerry Hinkle,
Holabird Advocate Publisher
It has come to my attention that Mr. Todd D. Epp, Esquire is no longer Dr. Jack Billion's Press Secretary. They evidently had a parting of the ways, possibly during my involuntary exile from the internet last month. I humbly apologize to both the good doctor and Mr. Epp for the error. Good luck to both of you tomorrow! Perhaps you'll prove us all wrong.

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