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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

VOL. V Issue 11A
This is November?
According to The Ditty Bops calendar, this is what their November looks like. Apparently life in Southern California does have certain advantages. Todd Epp can tell you himself, It's not like that in South Dakota.
The Ditty Bops have completed their bicycle tour across America for some time. Now they are working on a DVD of their trip and we'll let you know when it's complete. The Ladies are also going to be out on the road off and on for a couple of weeks doing some Tour de Fat dates and E town, then it's back to Los Angeles for a little rest and relaxation.
Brock Family on "Old Home" Tour
Kenny, Zada, and Mary Jane Brock have been all over the state of South Dakota, catching up with all of the family and friends possible. Yesterday, Mary Jane drove Kenny to Hitchcock, where he saw Norval Goehring for the first time in 55 years. Vera Goehring tried, with no success, to give away a cat or two.
The Brocks pulled into the Ponderosa at a little after 5 pm last night. Kenny almost didn't believe his eyes when he saw Ardis Aasby in Harold Hinkle's chair. One thing he was going to ask Harold was if Ardis was still around. Kenny and Ardis went to Loomis School together a few years back. Ardis was invited to the Ponderosa get-together as a surprise guest. His appearance was indeed a surprise.
The Brocks stayed overnight, but Ardis went back home. The visiting went on until 11 pm. One story that sounded incredible was the time that Harold shot at a goose but hit 3 ducks instead. Had Kenny not been the one relating the tale, it would have been dismissed.
The next morning, Harold showed Kenny all around the country so he could note all the changes over the years. Mary Jane took several photos around the ranch. While thumbing through some back issues of the South Dakota Magazines in the living room, Zada discovered that Jerry Hinkle was famous. Mary Jane requested copies of the articles, so we can expect some hits coming from Nebraska when they get back home.
Mary Hinkle force fed the assembled company. Everyone ate their fill, and some went beyond that. Of course no visit is complete without a Cowboy Breakfast. Mary is practicing for a future Bernie Hunhoff visit. She has heard of his fondness for pancakes and plans on serving him a pancake buffet for $3.19. Noon vittles were a little skimpy, consisting of soup and sandwiches, but nobody was all that hungry anyway. The Brocks left after having a choice of either going to see Zada's brother in the Harrold area or watching "Dr. Phil". If it is possible to have too much fun, it came pretty close to happening at the Ponderosa. This is usually the case.
Kennedys Prepare for Trip South
George and Mavis Kennedy are getting ready to head for their winter home in Arizona. They plan on striking out as soon as Saturday. They have no need to worry about thieves around their home, because Jani Peterson will keep a pretty tight reign on the place. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate would offer just one piece of advice to Jani. Run the water faucet for a spell every once in a while. Maybe do some light baking in the house. Cookies, cakes, maybe bread on the odd weekend.
North of 40: A State of Mind
by Red Green
I've heard it said that age is a state of mind. Well, so is insanity. Age is a state of body. Our minds can take advantage of arrested development, but our bodies remain at large, armed and dangerous, careening the getaway car headlong into old age and infirmity. In our society, if you're not young, you're old. You'd better get ready for it. Some day soon you'll be riding a bus, and that pretty young thing that you've been sneaking a peek at will get up and offer you her seat. You better take it, because when that happens, you're going to need one. Now don't go nuts and run out and buy a red Ferrari or something. If you truly need a car, make it something conservative and normal. A Ferrari is a mid-life crisis, what you need is a mid-life Chrysler. Embrace the autumn of your life. If you don't, you're riding for a fall.

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