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Saturday, November 04, 2006

  • Happy Face Of Hope Day
    What a Difference a Year Makes for Hunter Mees and His Family
    On November 4, 2005, Hunter Mees was diagnosed with Hodgins Lymphoma. It has been one of the most difficult times so far for Hunter in his short life. The Holabird Advocate has been there for most of it. Hunter's family has provided us with some scenes in his life throughout the last year.
  • It may seem odd to be celebrating the anniversary of a cancer diagnosis. We can celebrate because Hunter is still here and the cancer is gone. And if that cancer knows what's good for it, it'll stay gone. AMEN
    A Few Words From Hunters Mom
    Did it look as frightening as it felt? It will be a year on Saturday, November 4th. Hard to believe it has been that long since we found out. I wonder what it looked like to the outside viewer. Throughout the last year I've wondered that a lot. Maybe I didn't look as terrified as I felt. Maybe Hunter didn't look as brave as he really was. He is the bravest person I have ever known, and he always will be my brave boy.
    I'll never forget walking into the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist's office. I knew. I knew it was cancer. I felt it in my bones. I remember the look of shock on the doctor's face when he saw the lump. I remember feeling validated that I wasn't a crazy mother who worried too much. And then I remember the absolute engulfing panic that swept through my body when he said, within 5 minutes, that we needed to do a biopsy. I knew. Even now, the fear makes it hard to breathe or swallow. But our Hunter was so brave.
    He made it through everything so far. Through the pain and sickness of chemo. Through the emotional pain of losing his hair. Mostly, through the fear even he felt, as a 7 year old, of Cancer. When he asked me " Mommy, am I gonna die?" I sobbed for an hour afterwards. I told him no. That everyone dies but he wasn't going to die till he was really old. I walked out of the room, went to my bedroom and sobbed. And then I prayed, every night, that if someone had to go that it be me instead. I can't imagine what it must be like for a 7 year old child to think he might die. How awful.
    I thank God, and his brilliant doctors for being the rock we needed.
    Hunter has scans and check-ups November 15th. And just like every other time, I'll panic on the inside till I hear the results. Hunter will just go about his day. Like any other little boy, getting checked for cancer. Thank you for being our friend. We will never forget that.
    Shannon Walls
    A Little Child Will Lead Them
    by Jerry Hinkle
    Holabird Advocate Publisher
    The Book of Isaiah, and the song "Peace in the Valley" talk about being lead by a child. Of course, the child they reference is Jesus. Yet we have all been lead by Hunter on a journey of courage and faith like none I've ever witnessed. Something I never felt possible just 10 months ago. My own cousin, Cam Cowan, had her wonderful young life cut short by this same disease. I could not and would not let that happen again to someone else. But as Paul Harvey says, "You know what the news is..." Now for the rest of the story!
    When I first heard of Hunter and his fight, I laughed at him. I knew it was a losing game. It happened to Cam, so it'll happen to him. I thought it was almost comical that they were having a benefit for a kid that was as good as dead. When I published the article about shaving my head, it was a joke. Then something happened. This lovely young lady, who said she was Hunter Mees' Mom wrote to me. Her determination to save her son did something to me. I was right then and there involved with Hunter Mees. I knew what my next move had to be. "Off with my hair" I took a lot of ribbing because of this act of faith, but I went from Eggs to Bacon. I was involved, but I had to be committed. I have since learned that many people who attended the benefit on January 27 did so because they read it in our little Newsblog. I, who had been the doubting Thomas, became a hero. This was a role I did want and to this day feel I don't deserve. And yet, Hunter and his family have treated me like a member of his family. What did I do? Nothing really, I just did the right thing. Hunter is the true hero. He fought the good fight. He has indeed led me, and the rest of us. It wasn't by accident either He and I, and the rest of us were brought together by the Lord Jesus Christ because he knew we needed each other at that time. If there is such a thing as luck, Hunter is lucky, and so are every one of us. Let's remember that when it comes time to celebrate this day next year. What could have been a disaster has blessed us all beyond measure. Hunter has helped us believe in miracles. He has renewed my faith in human nature. We may be rotten sometimes, but we are capable of such goodness when we just have a little faith.
    The world is full of problems. It always has. They are still out there. But for today, lets remember that, for just a little while, everything is not all bad. Who knows where Hunter will lead us next? I just can't wait to find out!

Jerry, this is so wonderful. I showed it to Hunter and Houston and all they did was laugh like crazy at their bald heads!
I didn't know about your cousin, which is probably good at the time. I'm sorry you lost someone so close to you. I hope Cam's family is able to have happy days. I lost my 18 year old cousin to a car accident 8 years ago. He was one of my best little buddies. Watching my aunt, who is like a mother to me, go through that was horrible. Losing a child is the most unfair injustice in the universe. I'll think about Cam and her family and put them in my prayers.
Thank you for being a part of our little family. You've come to mean a lot to us.
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