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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
VOL. V Issue 4P
Critical Off Highway Vehicle Discussion
Scheduled For Tomorrow on SDPTV
Two of our most valuable Readers, Ed & Dee (no last name on file), have brought to our attention that South Dakota Public TV will be having a program dealing with off road use of the Black Hills. The program will be on your local SDPTV station Thursday evening at 8 pm Holabird Time, 7 pm Black Hills Time
If you want to be able to continue to enjoy the Black Hills on your ATV, Off Road motorcycle or Jeep/4X4 etc , You need to watch this show and call in with your questions.
The five panelists are all members of the Black Hills National Forest Advisory Board working towards establish a trail system in the Black Hills National Forest.
The SD GF&P Representative, Scott Carboneau, is also responsible for all OHV trails in South Dakota. Make your thoughts known.
This information was brought to Ed & Dee by
John Langdell, Secretary
South Dakota Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (SDOHVC)
Joyce Ferris Departs So She Can Return
It was an all too Short visit to the Ponderosa for Joyce Ferris. She had to go back home Tuesday morning so she could come back in order for the Hinkles to attend Mai Fest. Jerry Hinkle is committed to going, Mary Hinkle is involved in going, but Harold Hinkle hasn't seriously committed either one way or the other.
Joyce didn't just sit around knitting while she was here. She did a fair amount of baking. In fact her Bread Pudding recipe has made a hit. Our Publisher gives her Apple Cake two thumbs up, and wishes he had a third thumb to give it.
Joyce also showed Harold and Darrel Hinkle a new and hopefully better Mouse Trap. Demonstrations of the Mouse Trap at the Ponderosa can be arranged by appointment only. This is providing there are still mice around to catch.
Nemecs Take in FCCLA Convention
A very sleepy Mary Jo Nemec had the pleasant experience of being asked to chaperone a very well-behaved group of Highmore High school kids at the state FCCLA convention in Sioux Falls this week. It was at this same convention that her daughter, Erin Nemec, had the honor of being chosen 1st Vice President of the State FCCLA organization. Erin will be headed to the national convention in Nashville, TN in July. She is looking forward to a busy year in FCCLA.
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate Wish Ms. Erin well with her new undertaking. We're sure she will do fine.

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