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Monday, April 24, 2006
VOL. V Issue 40
Ponderosa Gets Snow in April
In the Laura Ingles Wilder book, "The Long Winter", the author describes how they celebrated Christmas in May. Well it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Ponderosa when freezing rain turned to sleet and then snow in the morning hours. Visibility during the squall was about a half mile. The snow did not accumulate, however, as temps rose to 36 degrees, thereby melting the nasty white stuff.
E.E. Hinkle Puts Daughter to Work
Joyce Ferris is up to the Ponderosa Pines Old Age Assistance Home looking after her 103 year old father, E.E. Hinkle, so the rest of the Hinkles can get away for awhile and attend to other things. She arrived Saturday afternoon, just in time.
E.E. has her looking in all kinds of dresser drawers for all of his misplaced treasures. She has also been baking up a storm. She has discovered recipes for Apple Cake and Bread Pudding that are all right.
Mary Hinkle Celebrates Birthday
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, was unusually quiet about the birthday of his mother, Mary Hinkle, all day yesterday. Mary was serenaded twice with "Happy Birthday". Once in the morning church, then again in the afternoon at the GRHS meeting.
The GRHS chapter in Pierre got together to learn all about making cheese buttons (kase knefle) and Jalupsi. Mary and Jerry tried their hand at cheese buttons, while Harold Hinkle looked on. Mary may even have talked Mike Mehlhoff into giving her his recipe for Knofle soup (hopefully, all the German words printed here are spelled correctly, spell-check was no help at all with that)
After eating their fill, Harold, Mary, and Jerry went to Doug Hinkle's house to see what they were up to. Doug and Noel were grilling chicken on the front yard, while Cade slept. After Cade woke up, he played "dead" on the driveway so everyone could make chalk outlines of his body. One wonders what TV show he learned that from.
Before heading home, the group made a short Walmart run. Jerry got a new odometer that he paid for himself. Perhaps he will take better care of that one. His previous two odometers were lost. His second was found in the barnyard after at least one cow trod upon it. When the weather cooperates, he'll restart is "Journey of 1000 Miles".
House for Sale
Rem and Marla McGeorge are putting our house in Highmore on the market to sell. They are hoping and praying for a quick sell. Their asking price is $20,000 ( which is well below the appraised value) . So if any of you Readers hear of someone looking for a home in Highmore... Please have them call their home at 853-2141 or Marla's cell phone 870-0128. None of us here at the Holabird Advocate is getting a commission from any possible sale of the house, nor would we take any money offered to us. As our Publisher says, "I can be had, but I can't be bought!"

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