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Friday, April 21, 2006

VOL. V Issue 4N

Erin Nemec Becomes Star in Central Park

April 1, 2006 was not just a day for Fools alone. It was night for Hyde County youths to put on the best formal wear money could buy and do the town right.

The theme for this years prom was Stars in Central Park. Holabird's own Erin Nemec was one such star. Erin is pictured left with Eric Volek of Highmore. The photo provided by Erin herself, and, it looks like, it was at great expense on somebody's part.

After the Prom, Erin and the rest of her class went to Pierre to go bowling. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate would have liked to see that. After all, it's not everyday that teenagers go bowling in formal wear. But then again, at 1 am anything is possible.

Early Birthday For Mary Hinkle

Tonight Harold "Big Spender" Hinkle will be taking his wife Mary Hinkle to Lower Brule to celebrate her Birthday. Joining them will be Roger and Linda Wurts along with Arnold and Ethel Rittel. Hopefully they will find some cheap gas on the way, but that's doubtful.

Mary's actual birthday is on Sunday, but that is the day of the big GRHS meeting where they will be making something called Cheese Buttons and some other kind of food. If Harold doesn't go along, Jerry Hinkle will take her out to dinner afterwards. As to where he will take her, Jerry says that he doesn't know where that will be. He knows she won't want to go to McDonald's.

Enjoying Everyday Life With Joyce Meyer

by Jerry Hinkle, Holabird Advocate Publisher

Not long after we got the Dish at the Ponderosa, my sister in law, Kristi recommended to me a program that she thought we would like. The host was a lady preacher named Joyce Meyer. The program was called "Enjoying Everyday Life".

It's not so much a TV show as much as it is a meal of spiritual food. The first part is a preview of what we are about to see, as well as an opening word from her. The appetizer, if you will. Then comes the main course. Her message for the day. Joyce has an interesting way of bringing together the trials of living, scripture and a little bit of humor. As she puts it, "If you can't laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at?" She has this uncanny knack for talking about me too. How does she know all that stuff?

After that, there is coffee. The time she takes to convince the view they need to buy her latest book, or tape, or even to come to the venue that she is appearing live and in person. My favorite "commercial" of hers is the one for her website. My have this little old lady trying to speak that Snoop Dogg talk. Picture your own mother, or grandmother saying "Mad props-G!" or "It's gizzle fer kizzle". Funny Stuff!

Of course, every meal needs dessert, eh! So here Joyce gives a closing word and shows what we will see next time. Of course you don't have to take my work for it. Watch it for a week of two straight. You'll see how great it is. Check your local listings or go to www.joycemeyer.org to see where to watch it in your area. Remember, It's never too late to enjoy every day of your life.

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