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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
VOL. V Issue 4L
SDSU beats DWU 6-5
In the recent polling 11 Readers voted to settle which university would be our official institute of higher learning. It was a squeaker, but SDSU narrowly defeated DWU by a score of 6-5.
The reasons that SDSU was even up for the honor was because a number of Holabird residents went there, and some even came back. It seems to us that Ana Nemec is studying there as of now. She may even read us from there. E.E. Hinkle even took high school classes there back in the 1920s. SDSU claims, "You can go Any where from here!" Now they prove it by getting in the Holabird Advocate.
It's Cold in Them Thar Hills
Holabird got down to 35 degrees with a light sprinkle of snow last night. But in the last few hours The Black Hills have had anywhere from 10-19 inches of snow. It was 13 years ago today that Holabird had an April blizzard, so we know what that was like. The Ponderosa was in the middle of calving. Some newborn calves were buried alive in snow. Then they froze to death.
Publisher Finds Bedroom Floor
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle is a real nice fella and all. But as a housekeeper, he'll never be confused with Mr. Belvedere. Case and point, he was looking for his CD of The Ditty Bops to convert it to cassette tape for the road trip to Minnesota next month. He had a dickens of a time finding it, and resorted to cleaning his bedroom. There were 4 years of National Geographic magazines, bank statements, credit card reports, clothes, shoes and the stale smell of something that may be dead.
After most of the debris was cleared (without the aid of FEMA) he went to the living room to take a rest, and saw the CD on the entertainment center, which of course is where he left it in the first place. Lesson learned: if you want your house clean, either do it yourself or tell Jerry you have one of The Ditty Bops CDs hidden in your mess somewhere.
Another Tip From Hinkle Brothers
The newest spam sent to the Hinkle Brothers Mutual Fund has a tip to buy Southwesterm Medical before April 19 (today) because the price is going to sky rocket. Hinkle Brothers bought in when the market price was 13 cents (they paid 14 cents, since 13 was unlucky. As of press time the price is 14.2 cents. If stock were fireworks, this company would be a punk.
New Kid on the Blog
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
Bernie Hunhoff claims this is the best blog on our side of the Ree Hills. One blog that I predict will increase in popularity in the Ree Heights area is Bridgie In Iraq. It is written by Bridget Deuter, a young lady that has won my respect and admiration. She blogcasts from Tikrit, Iraq when she's not too busy fighting Freedom's foe. No matter what your political outlook may be, we need to support Bridget and the others who do the same job. The Politicians write the checks, but folks like her pay the bill, with their sweat, and sometimes their blood. So give her a read and thank God for her and others in our Fighting Force. Her address is http://bridgieiniraq.blogspot.com/.

Come to think of it I lost a Ditty Bops CD out in the shop.
There is also one under that pile of manure in the barn. There is, really there is.
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