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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
VOL. V Issue 4G
Easter Rabbit Dies at Ponderosa
The Hinkle family was shocked and a little saddened to discover that Peter Rabbit, the Hinkle kids pet rabbit, an Easter present from 4 years ago, had died in his cage. The cause of death was not established, and will not be investigated. It is known that foul play was not suspected. The timing of this event proves that the Father in Heaven has a very interesting sense of irony about him.
Raccoons are believed to be behind the more violent death of Milk and Quackers, the two ducks that Ruby Hoffman had at her house that were also Easter presents for her grandkids. Ruby kept the ducks because she was told that Jerry Hinkle still has his Grandma Bergit's recipe for roast duck with orange sauce. This afternoon Ruby went to Pierre to buy baby chickens as this years Easter present to the grandkids.
Hyde's Loss is Miller's Gain
It has been reported that the Miller Area School District has hired Mike Ruth as their Superintendent. Mr. Ruth comes to Miller after not having had his contract as CEO and Elementary School Principal renewed with the Hyde School District. Our Publisher will certainly miss seeing the Ruth family in church, still he and the rest of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish them all well. We also hope they will come back often to visit.
Run-off Starts Early
The race for the official learning institution of the UBS network is down to 2 universities. Those being DWU and SDSU. This will decide things once and for all.

Which school should be the official learning institute of UBS?
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