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Friday, April 07, 2006
VOL. V Issue 4E
Voter Fraud at Holabird Advocate?
It appears that the integrity of previous polls taken at our little Newsblog may have been compromised because of some people voting more than once. This was brought to our attention by Nick Nemec, who actually did, it appears, vote more than once. While we are disappointed that this happened, we are grateful that Nick had the moral fiber to admit it. After all, we're sure he's not the only one who has done this. Of course, like Red Green says "I only cheat because I care about winning".
Our new polling system, it seems, does not allow repeat votes. This is good, because Holabird is not in Florida. Nor is it in Cook County, Illinois. We will look into getting rid of the Bravenet polling system soon.
District 23 Goes Republican Early
There will be no need in printing election ballots for the legislators in South Dakota's District 23. The good news is that the so-called "phantom molester" was rumored as a possible candidate for State Senate. The bad news is that no Democrat, appears to be running either. Nick Nemec would have been ideal to run, and a shoe-in to get our endorsement.
The only candidates for District 23 are the incumbents-all Republican. Of course, as legislators go, their not so bad. At least they don't champion silly causes like making the middle finger the official finger of South Dakota (our Publisher supports the thumb himself).
Dishing on the Dish
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
"Undercover Brother" was on a few months too late for Black History Month. Still I learned quite a bit about Black people (or did I).
First, there is a good chance I am a black man, at least partly, judging from this movie. According to this flick, Brothers (as they call themselves) like skinny white girls (who doesn't?), and they don't like mayonnaise (neither do I). They have to put hot sauce on the Mayo to make it edible (I think I'll try that sometime).
Second, Dave Chapelle is not funny. Not in this show, anyway. Not funny at all!
Third, Billy Dee Williams is funny. Not many actors, regardless of color, could pull of the things he had to do with such dignity and class. He's one cool cat!
If a sequel with Billy Dee running for President would be great. But I'm not sure America could take it. Not unless they got a sense of humor soon.
I give it one and a half thumbs up, a half thumb down, and no middle fingers in between.

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