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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 8B
It's Too Darn Hot Let's go Fishing
Temps climbed up all the way to 102 degrees in Holabird today. Yesterdays high was 98. Holabird Advocate Meteorologist, Storm Chaser, forecasted a high of 85 for tomorrow. Today we reached 85 at 10 am.
The cooler weather makes it ideal for fishing. Sometime this weekend, Harold Hinkle is going to take a fishing party out on The Last Chance. Booking on the boat are easy to come by. If you buy the bait and boat gas, Harold will float you anywhere you want to go.
Professor Ken Hansen is planning to come over either tomorrow night or Thursday morning for some hard core fishing. It is rumored that his wife is coming along. She'd better get her fishing license bought.
State Bar Gives Janklow Thumbs Up
It looks like the South Dakota Bar's Disciplinary Board has recommended that former South Dakota Governor and Representative Bill Janklow should regain his license to practice law next February. That would be about a year before Janklow's probation period ends for convictions for causing a crash that killed a motorcycle rider in August of 2003.
His law license was automatically suspended temporarily after Janklow was convicted of second-degree manslaughter for killing 55-year-old Randy Scott of Hardwick, Minnesota. A circuit judge gave Janklow a suspended imposition of sentence, which means the manslaughter conviction will be erased if he complies with all terms of his probation. He also served 100 days in jail. Janklow has been seeking to have his law license re-instated.
The Disciplinary Board says Janklow is remorseful for the fatal crash and would not present a danger to clients if he resumed practicing law. The South Dakota Supreme Court will have the final say on when Janklow can regain his law license, but the high court has not yet scheduled a hearing in the case. The five justices have disqualified themselves and appointed five circuit judges to hear the case in their stead.
Holabird Needs a Few Good Refugees
The Holabird Chamber of Commerce has heard that Sioux Falls is just full to overflowing with refugees from all over the world. Some gal from the Sioux Falls City Council complained that Lutheran Social Services is "Dumping" refugees on them. The Chamber has suggested that LSS start dumping some refugees here in Holabird. There are several empty houses in the Holabird Metropolitan Area. There's a house just a mile from the Ponderosa that some of those poor people may think is a palace. Either that, or they might go back to where they came from.
The best part is that cattle and pigs in Holabird don't stink. Well, we haven't seen many pigs around lately, but the cows around here don't stink at all. In fact, they smell like money. Until the government let live cattle from Canada come into our borders, they smelled like pretty good money. They are also quiet. Some ranchers have to check their cattle to make sure they are still home because they are so quiet.
Holabird also needs more deaf people. There are quite a few folks in the area who can't hear all that well. More folks like that couldn't hurt a thing. They may be fussy about the condition of some of the empty houses, but you can't always get what you want.
Anthrax Update
The number of animal anthrax cases in South Dakota is now the highest its been in years. Five new cases of the disease were reported Monday in Potter, Spink, Hughes, Hyde and Sully counties. The total number of cases in the state now stands at 15. State officials say that the unusually high number of cases is caused by the hot, humid weather and the low number of cattle that have been vaccinated for the disease. Anthrax is not usually contracted by humans, but those who work with animals on a day-to-day basis should take proper precautions, officials say. The number anthrax cases has not been this high since 2002, when ranchers reported 9 separate outbreaks of the disease.
State officials refuse to name the ranches where the anthax cases are being reported. We can tell you that no Ponderosa cattle have anthrax. Harold Hinkle claims that this is because they are checked regularly, and they don't graze in one place too long. E.E. Hinkle doesn't ever remember having anthrax on this range. He did have a case where they thought it was anthrax, but turned out to be a poison weed. This could get serious.

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