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Saturday, May 28, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 5R
Hinkle's Observe Memorial Day
Harold and Mary Hinkle left the Ponderosa at 1:30 pm yesterday afternoon, headed for their reserved campground pads. Doug and Darrel Hinkle, and their respective families will be joining them. It is not known where they are camping exactly. This is because Jerry Hinkle didn't want to know. He figures that if he knows where they are camping, E.E. Hinkle will want to go there today. If they go there, Jerry can't stare at pictures of Ms. Amanda on The Ditty Bops web site. He will get around to doing a few other things (darn few).
On Sunday, Jerry will be teaching the Adult Sunday School class at the Methodist Church, and then get back to the Ponderosa before Ken and Joyce Ferris leave for Draper to decorate the graves of 21 dead Ferrises, give or take a few. They sure know how to party.
Poetry Corner
By Ben Schumacher
By what law are these skies the same?
In what land are these one place?
What do they share but a common name?
Can such power occupy one space?
Is there a storm for every person on earth?
A sunset for every good deed?
A wondrous sky beyond any worth,
With a raindrop for each one we need?
Was the sky that changes designed that way?
Or is it by chance the way things appear?
Is there an artist for this canvas today?
Or did chaos just leave it here?
If not by chance these things were drafted,
What would that mean for me?
If the sky for our eyes was purposely crafted,
What more am I meant to see?
Reality Bytes
by Ethan Aniston
Holabird Advocate
Entertainment Editor
Well, Summer is nearly here. Time for CBS to unwrap a few new summer reality shows. Big Brother is back for a fifth time. That means this will be the fourth time that I'll not be watching. There are also shows that will show us how to work for some guy named Tommy Hilfiger (I Think that's the name, next time I read a teenagers $48 shirt, I'll know for sure). I think that I'll pass on that. There's also an "American Idle" wannabe that will make the winner become the lead singer of INXS (I pity that poor guy). The third show is called "Fire Me, Please". The object of the "game" is to have people compete to be fired for a prize of some kind. It is interseting that in this bad economy people would try to get fired, but there it is. What can you do? I'm gonna reserve judgment's on this show, mainly because they seem to have added the old "Candid Camera" laugh track to this particular show. Good thing, then I'll know where the funny parts are when the canned laughter ensues. I'll give it 4 episodes before I trash it too much.
ABC has a show that may not be reality, but then what is these days. It's a dance competition. Kelly Monaco from ABC's "General Hospital" is one of the contestants. She is so darn hot that I look at her so much and miss the name of this show, but it's on Wednesday, so check your local listings for the exact time. I know I will.

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