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Thursday, May 19, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 5L
E.E. Hinkle Eats Bacon Again
For several years, E.E. Hinkle ate bacon as a part of breakfast. He stopped, not because of cholesterol, but because of his teeth. Rather than have someone chew his food for him, E.E switched to sausage.
He was always partial to "Sutleys Half and Half" the half pork and half beef sausage. That got pretty spendy. But now, thanks to the new Walmart, he's eating it again-well, sort of.
Walmart has on display a "Pork and Bacon" sausage. He really goes for that in a big way. Once someone cuts it up for him, he just goes to town on it. If the Good Lord is willing, ole' E.E. will keep at it until he turns 103 and beyond.
Agnes Hahn Surgery Goes OK
It has been reported that Agnes Hahn went into Pierre this morning to have carpal tunnel surgery. Everything went well, and it was over quickly. Mary Hinkle brought Agnes home, arriving at 2:30 pm Holabird Time. Mary even did a little work in her mother's garden. Be careful, Mary. Everybody will want to have carpal tunnel if you do that for them.
This Week in The Ditty Bops
The Ditty Bops, are playing 2 gigs this week, both in Cali.
05/19/05 Thursday Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown, CA 53688 Pioneertown Road. Other Acts: Gram Rabbit and Inara George. Doors: 7:00 pm. Tickets: $8. All Ages.
05/20/05 Friday Tangier's Los Feliz, CA 2138 Hillhurst Blvd. Other Act: Skeeter Truck Doors: 7:00 pm. Show Time: 8 pm. Tickets: $10.00. If you come for dinner, 10% discount on food with show stamp.
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hopes that anyone in the area of either of these shows gets there and checks them out. They are really something else.

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