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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 4D
Jerry Hinkle Gets Shock of his Life
This morning, while feeding the bulls, Jerry Hinkle decided to scratch his back on a fence post. The back of his leg rubbed up against the electric fence, which jolted him a little bit. The experience didn't hurt him at all, in fact, it did him some good. At least he learned to be more careful of what he rubs up against. This Knowledge will work should he find himself in Deadwood in the future.
Publisher Gives up on Depot Radio
Every Tuesday afternoon for a while now, around 3:15 or 3:20, Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, has been trying to avail himself of Bernie Hunhoff's Wisdom on Brookings Depot Radio. Funny thing is, even with the time change, the signal just doesn't come in good enough. This afternoon, for example, the signal was drowned out by a "Classic Country" radio station in Minot, North Dakota. So Jerry has decided to forget the whole thing. "If the Lord wants me to learn something from Mr. Hunhoff", Stated our Publisher, "He'll provide the way".
Right now the only way appears to be both the South Dakota Magazine, and the web site. Perhaps South Dakota Public TV could come up with a way to televise the magazine like Alaska Public TV does for Alaska Magazine. They could call it the "South Dakota Magazine Show" if they can't find something more original.
Ruby Hoffman's Quick Draw Slows Down
There was another Quick Draw Competition in Deadwood last weekend. State Quick Draw champion, Ruby Hoffman, of Highmore, managed to come in third. It is not known if she lost her crown. Ruby claims she liked the third place prize better anyway. The Quick Draw works like this: Contestants stand and shoot at a target with wax bullets (which don't hurt as bad when they stray as a "real" bullet). The the contestant that shoots and hits the target the fastest wins. There are separate mens and ladies divisions. Great Shooting Ruby, you'll get first place next time for sure.
Springfield Columnist Checks Out Newsblog
Dave Bakke of Springfield, Illinois is the phantom Reader from the State Journal-Register. Dave Grew up in Sioux Falls, and found the Holabird Advocate while looking at the South Dakota Magazine Road Stories web site. No complaints from him so far. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that if he should find inspiration to become a better columnist here, more power to him. It's nice that the "Land of Lincoln" recognizes good writing talent like Dave's. And, of course, Dave knows good writing, because he comes here, and to the South Dakota Magazine. He should check out South Dakota 123 while he's at it. He won't be disappointed.

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