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Monday, March 14, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 3K
Searching? Find It At Holabird Advocate
The Holabird Advocate, Like a lot of other websites, has installed a Google search engine. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate recommends that if any of you Readers have to search for something on the internet, you can use our Google engine. If you won't use ours, use someone else's Google search engine.
Jerry Hinkle Goes From Involved To Committed
That great philosopher, Red Green says, "The difference between being involved and being committed is bacon and eggs. The chicken is involved and the pig is committed" Holabird Advocate Publisher Jerry Hinkle got involved with Mary Hinkle's plan for a Goehring get-together, hoping that fate would provide a way out. Today, Mary got on the phone at 8 this morning to get tickets to the "Prairie Home Companion" radio show. One hour and one minute later, she got the tickets. Then she proceeded to the computer to secure reservations at a fancy hotel. It cost $37.50/night for each room. Kinda putting on the Ritz, there. They'd better have a free Continental Breakfast with that unit. It's still cheaper than the Super 8.
And so now, Jerry is committed to going. A lot of folks say Jerry should have been committed a long time ago.
Hollywood Happenings
by Ethan Aniston
Entertainment Editor
Holabird Advocate
What I thought was going to be a pity party for John Stamos turned out to be just a pity. His new show, "Jake in Progress" made it's debut on ABC last night. This show, for better or worse, is up against Thursday night staples "Survivor" and "Joey". Maybe it'll beat Joey. What I saw of this show was good. In fact, it was better than the promos and previews showed. Quite honestly, I'm tired of that little girl telling "Jake" about what her dog Boo-boo eats. At least ABC Took Ozzy's daughter of the TV. Now she can only assault one of our senses with her singing instead of all 5 senses with her acting.
"Everybody Loves Raymond" has been giving it's audience a look back at it's favorite episodes of the past. Jerry Hinkle has been telling all of us here at the Holabird Advocate that his favorite episode of all time was the one where Robert does the drivers training act with Timmy, his ventriloquist dummy. The funniest dialogue, he claims is the following:
"Frank: It was in my blind spot!
Ray: A 20 car funeral procession, Pop!!!!!"
Oh my that is funny stuff. CBS has three chances to show that episode. We'll just have to see about that.
This season of "Raymond" got off to a good start, but it has become evident that the show has lost a little something over the years. There was talk of spinning of Brad Garret as Robert, but so far that's all it has been. Keep your fingers crossed!

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