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Saturday, March 12, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 3J
E.E. Hinkle Hears Without Listening
When the Hinkle family tried to get E.E. Hinkle a telephone that he could hear out of, they forgot what he was like to talk to on the phone. The old boy still prefers being in bed to sitting by the phone waiting for someone to call. This we could understand if he was married to Anna-Nicole Smith. In case you do call when E.E. is wide awake and with it, here are a few things you should know. First off, speak slowly and clearly. Don't shout (Oh boy! Don't do that!). Most importantly, don't change the subject. He like to talk out one issue at a time. He likes to talk about what he wants to talk about and precious little else. Don't ask too many questions. In fact, you'd be better off just to let him ask all the questions. If you remember all this, you'll do just fine.
AdSense Means Dollars to Some Bloggers
Google, the parent company of Blogger, our web site provider, has had a program called AdSense that we signed up for back in January. Today, our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, finally got around to installing it. He read where some blogger made $350 in one month from the AdSense program. Those who cast their eyes to the bottom of the Front Page of the Holabird Advocate will see banner advertisement. Those who would like to know more details about this program should G-mail the Publisher.
Google has admonished our Publisher not to have himself or any form or friend of his to click those ads unless they want to use the product or service therein contained whereas. Therefore, we wish to tell all Readers not to click on an ad several times just to give us the commission, as you won't get a commission on our commission. As much as we'd like to, we can not pay anyone to read the Holabird Advocate.
Nick Nemec inquired if our Publisher makes any money if someone should use the Newsblog site to Google something. The answer is we don't know. Somebody should try it sometime. As for the ads, so far I don't think there will be a huge demand for those products and/or services. We'll just see how it goes from there.
Cop a Cat Toy For Christ
The Holabird Church of Universal Life has a new project. While supplies last, they are offering handmade cat toys for $1.50. These are made by a prayer partner of Rev. Hinkle's who discovered by accident that her cat likes to play with it. This cat has entertained both her and her husband so much that she has decided to donate the proceeds of this discovery to the Ministry. All cat lovers are encouraged to get their order in. No mail deliveries will be entertained at this time as it could double the purchase price. Any web site willing to display a picture of this item for free would be appreciated.

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