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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 3G
Miracle Phone Does the Job For E.E. Hinkle
E.E. Hinkle, Holabird's oldest citizen, was given a phone by Communication Services for the Deaf. It was hoped that he might be able to hear through this device. The phone is just a loner. E.E. Has to return it when he no longer needs it. A lady named Nancy brought it out. Mary and Jerry Hinkle helped her install it and get the old boy out of bed to try it out. E.E. Called his brother, Don Hinkle, in California, and daughter, Mavis Kennedy, in Arizona. It seemed to work pretty well for him. Nancy (she never did give her last name) suggested looking into a smoke detector that he can hear (in case Harold Hinkle broils stake in the house we reckon). Some of the 102 year old E.E.'s family members were not to anxious to get the State involved in the care and life of the oldest living Hinkle. It appears that, so far at least, things are going fine.
Christian Case Claims Conflict of Interest
Jim Brown, of the Agape Press
A federal appellate judge is being accused of a conflict of interest in a ruling against an Indiana woman who lost her teaching job at a United Methodist university for passing out Christian magazines in her classroom. A three-judge panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals recently overturned a jury verdict in favor of DePauw University education program coordinator Janis Price. The panel rejected the jury's finding that DePauw officials discriminated against the university employee by creating a hostile work environment and violating her free-speech rights. Even before the three-judge panel announced it was setting aside the jury's decision, the December 7 online edition of the DePauw newspaper was already reporting that her favorable verdict had been overturned. Price also notes that one of the panel members, Judge Terry Crone, is a DePauw alumnus, a fact she feels should have forced the jurist to recuse himself from the proceedings. And, she adds, "He also is well-acquainted with John Neighbors, who is the DePauw lawyer and a 1971 graduate of DePauw University." In light of the judge's influential role in the matter and in authoring the panel's ruling, Price feels his connections to the school and others involved with the case could be viewed as conflicts of interest. Price is filing an appeal with the Indiana Supreme Court.
My Thoughts on "Fat Actress"
by Ethan Aniston
Entertainment Editor, Holabird Advocate
It looks like Showtime's "Fat Actress" with Kirstie (rhymes with thirsty) Alley is ratings gold, or so they say. I can't see what the big deal is. The name of this show should be "Kirstie Alley's Pity Party". This is the worst reality show since "Big Brother". The producers of this travesty claim, "We are not laughing at her, we're laughing with her." That's just the problem. It's not funny, it's pathetic. This show is more pathetic in fact than Ms. Alley's ads for Pier One. I wish she'd take a long walk off a short pier as well. Had it not been for her stint on Star Trek II, she would have no visible acting range to speak of.
This show is either a cry for help or attention. Perhaps if we ignore her, she'll go away. Let's hope so. Ms. Alley has sited both John Goodman and Jason Alexander as examples of fat guys who have acting roles. I can't speak for Mr. Alexander, as I don't understand his appeal either. John Goodman, however has talent. Something Kirstie Alley is sorely lacking. That's why John Goodman doesn't need to throw himself a pity party. She's had a lot of built up, but I don't see this lasting more than one season, if that. Bulemics are protesting this show. Maybe because it may induce vomiting. I know I wanted to throw up. That's all I have to say about this.

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