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Thursday, March 03, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 2B
Keloland Blasts Blogs
Apparently while our courageous, dynamic Publisher was watching "The Red Green Show" last night, Keloland TV had a report about Blogs in South Dakota. Political blogs to be more specific. Some of what they said did not set well with a few of the members of South Dakota 123. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are willing to keep an open mind about this issue. Since Keloland Political Reporter Jodi Schwan is so darn cute, we are willing to give her, and the station, the benefit of the doubt. Still, since we would rather watch "Red Green" than the late local news, perhaps our opinion of the story should not count.
What we read about the report on www.keloland.com didn't tell the whole story of blogging. Far from it in fact. There are plenty of Liberal blogs as well as Conservative. There are even some nice non-political blogs (Like the Holabird Advocate) for those tired of the polarization. We could use more of them to be honest with you.
One thing we were shocked to see was that, according to the Keloland report, some blogs got paid as much as $27,000 to "Do research" for the Republicans. Why can't the Holabird Advocate get some of that filthy green stuff coming over this way? We'd be glad to "research" for any party. Democrat, Republican, Bull Moose, they're all the same to us. Before anyone offers us any "research money", they'd do well to remember the words of that old Earl Thomas Conley song, "I can be had, but I can't be bought".
Ponderosa Gets Fire Truck
Early this morning, a flash of red came through the Ponderosa front yard. It was Darrel Hinkle with a fire truck that is part of the surplus in Hughes county. Pierre Fire Department 1st Assistant Chief Douglas A. Hinkle arranged for Darrel to take it as long has he separated and returned the fire fighting gear and the cab from the rest of the unit. Doug is scheduled to take back possession of the fire truck at the Ponderosa tonight. Darrel plans on making a utility trailer out of what was left over.
South Dakota Songbook
"Somewhere Between Right and Wrong"
by Earl Thomas Conley
Well I met in a small town bar not far from home
She was having second thoughts about a man who was always gone
Said the only way to get to him was a telephone
So she held on to me when she couldn't hold her own
Chorus: (She said I can be had but I can't be bought
and I can be bad, Lord, if I don't get caught
but I'd rather be loved than left alone
than be here in the middle some where between right and wrong)
She said you know I never was the kind to spread it around
But I'll let you get to me as long as you don't let me down
Said I got the kind of love it takes to make if feel slow
But don't care how you get me there just long as I go
Yeah its her kind of love keeps me coming back time after time
Just like a beautiful song I can't get off my mind
But I worry a lot about love you have to wait on
And I got second thoughts about a woman who is always gone

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