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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
VOL. II Issue 8C
Things are not going to great at the Ponderosa Pines Old Age Assistance Home today. Joyce ferris got sick and threw up shortly after breakfast this morning. Harold Hinkle blamed it on his, Mary's cooking, but Joyce just had cereal. She also did not have dinner today. The exact cause is not known,and is not even up for speculation at this point.
With no attendence figures to back it up, State Fair Manager Susan Hayward claims this year's event successful. Attendence figures will not be available for a few days.
There could be trouble ahead for the South Dakota State Fair next year because the North Dakota State fair will overlap with them causing scheduling conflicts with vendors. Of course, Jerry Hinkle, our courageous, dynamic Publisher could straighten this mess out. Time alone will tell us if the State Fair board, and Ms. Hayward, is smart enough to figure out it out for themselves.
by Hiram Gonagan
It looks like Darrel and Kristi Hinkle will be making another trip to the Sturgis Rally and Races this weekend. They will ditch their children and rush right over there for the ususal entertainments that Stugis provides. It won't be all fun and play. Darrel has agreed to help move Andy Lennick out west where he will be going to school somewhere in Rapid City.
Harold and Mary Hinkle have once again found themselves in a situation where they just have too many irons in the fire. They have been invited to both the Iowa State Fair by Ken and Joan Hansen next weekend, and at the same time to go camping at Silver City in the Black Hills with Doug Hinkle and his family. It looks like they are leaning toward Silver City. The butter sculptures will just have to wait. Harold is hoping to find a prime fishing spot out there.
Also happening that weekend is Brittany Hinkle's first dance recital and the Performance of the Historical Society's production "A Good Land".
Monday night brought in much wind, thunder, lightning, and another .45" of rain. There was no water dripping from the roof of the Ponderosa Pines Old Age Assistance Home. We all can assume that Harold Hinkle is one heck of a handyman.

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