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Friday, August 01, 2003
VOL. II Issue 8A
For most Americans, the question of who one will vote for in 2004 is not all that important. Not so with the "Draft Hinkle for President" crowd. They'd drag our Publisher kicking and screaming to the podium in the unlikely event he was elected, never mind that the conventions are not going to be held until a year from now.
After painstaking research, the Holabird Advocate has tracked down every known declared candidate in the Democratic party to put with the name of Jerry Hinkle. These names were put in alphabetical order. Some of the names are familiar, others are not. If you know every single name on the Holabird Advocate poll, we can only conclude you are either a news junkie or a close relative of at least one of them.
It hasn't escaped the notice of the Hinkle family that the Nemec's have moved a combine and a truck onto their wheat field next to the Ponderosa. Harold Hinkle was heard to say, "Nick and Mary Jo are fixin' to get rich". You can't deny that wheat looks good from the road.
Harold Hinkle took his youngest sister, Joyce Ferris to the Doctor in Pierre this morning. The appointment was not until 12:15, but they wanted to get a few things done beforehand, so they could go straight home afterward. Dr. Tueber was unable to keep the appointment because of airplane trouble. His assisstant was unable to help until about 2:15.
Joyce has been in a great deal of pain due to muscle spasms in her back. She was able to get a prescription for muscle relaxants. Time will tell if they work or not. All of us at the Holabird Advocate will keep on praying for Joyce, as she's not done yet. There is hope though.
This past year Senator Tom Daschle has learned what a blog is, and now he's going to "get his blog on". When South Dakota's senior Senator will start his annual tour of the state beginning in Rapid City during the August reccess, he will chonicle his adventures and his thoughts on a blog called "Travels with Tom". This blog will be posted on his web site www.daschle.senate.gov. During this tour he will be coming and going through 63 of the 66 South Dakota counties.
Daschle's energy bill has just been passed by the senate by an 84-14 margin. Because of this and his newfound passion for blogs the Holabird Advocate just might support his seeking an unheard of fourth term in the South Dakota U.S. Senate delegation.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
The South Dakota State Fair has undergone a number of changes since I was a boy. I always looked forward to the fair. I no longer do. I think that's sad. The new manger, Ms. Susam Hayward was brought in from the Twin Cities to see if she couldn't make the fair pay for itself. One idea she came up with was having off-season events. That may be neccessary. One idea I don't like is the 25% increase in gate fees and no special days for kids the handicapped, or farmers to get in free. Not even the fair employees can get in free. With this years fair half over, attendance has been reported to be sparse except for Wendesday which had the bonus of a Kenny Rogers concert that evening.
Ms. Hayward claims that most of the people she has talked to don't complain about the new gate fees. That's because Ms. Hayward is hard to find than Osama bin Laden or Saddam Husein when someone wants to complain to her, I reckon.
Fairgoers have said that the State fair needs to find some big names to draw more people. I agree, but with the limited budget, a big name is unlikely to appear at the South Dakota State Fair. In that respect I believe that Ms. Hayward is trying. Another suggestion is moving the State Fair to Sioux Falls. I really don't want that. If I won't go when it is in Huron I darn sure won't go when it's in Sioux Falls.
I don't have all the answers, but I have a few suggestions for the fair that Ms. Hayward ought to try, and I won't even charge her for them. First, get this fair back to the week before Labor Day like it used to be. Second, drop the gate fees to $1 for 12 and up, and let 12 and under in free. I really do believe it's that simple. As for drawing big names, well, Huron is Cheryl Ladd's home town. Get her to headline a grandstand show. There's plenty of other home grown talent out there, much of it undiscovered. Lastly rent the movie "State Fair" and do whatever that fair did. They had a heck of a crowd.
I hope I've given you all something to think about.

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