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Thursday, July 31, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7V
Earlier this afternoon Kristi Hinkle took her daughter, Brittany to the dentist in Pierre to get her infected tooth pulled out. Brit's permanant tooth is in place and ready to grow, and no further complications are expected. A fair amount of infection went along with that tooth, which Brit described, as only she could as "Gross". It is speculated that The Tooth Fairy will not give Brit the neccessary funds from the tooth to pay the Dentistry bill.
Mary Jo Nemec has proven that you're never to old to learn, as she has been accepted in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and will be honored during a ceremony at USD this fall. This is an honor that recognizes first and second undergratuate students who achieve excellence academically, which apparently Mary Jo has or she wouldn't get this honor.
Mary Jo's daughter Anastasia is no slouch either in the education game. Ana is mentioned in the National Honor Roll publication that also mentions E.E. Hinkle's great-grandaughter Britnee Kennedy. This is an honor forstudents higher that a "B" average, which explains why Jerry Hinkle was never in "Who's Who", not that he'd complain. He doesn't care about "Who's Who" he wants to know "What's What".
by Jerry Hinkle, specialk to the Holabird Advocate
Once again the "Draft Hinkle for President " crowd has come to me. This time they have offered me, your courageous, dynamic Publisher, a goodly amount of money to become a corporate sponsor for the next two months. All they want is for the Newblog to run two polls. The first poll is to see how well I'd stack up to the other Democratic candidates. This poll will run starting in August and is open to Democrat's only. September's poll will see how I'd do against W himself. Neither I nor the Holabird Advocate are endorsing this measure. If, at any time I think the results of this poll are being tampered with by this group the whole sponsorship deal will be cancelled and all money refunded. The Circulation department will be watching this carefully. Long story short, this won't be like Florida in 2000.

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