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Monday, July 28, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7S
Bob hope died peacefully at his home last night at the age of 100. Hope celebrated his 100th birthday earlier this year. He is being remembered all over the world today as a gifted comedian and a great entertainer. Hope joins his old partner Bing Crosby, this time "On the Road to Heaven" Several of those in the media will use the words of his theme song as a tribute to him, and now so will we. Bob Hope, Thanks for the memories.
Usually Mary Hinkle makes breakfast for everyone at the Ponderosa Pines Old Age Assistance Home. Today, However, Joyce Ferris claimed she was strong enough to make breakfast. Mary was skeptical, but she relented because she as plenty of other things to worry about and do.
Joyce did successfully make breakfast. She made so much that her father E.E. Hinkle couldn't eat it all, so he said he'd finish the rest of it at "Boost Time"
For some unknown reason, Brittany Hinkle had spent the whole weekend sick on the couch. She was unable to eat because she would then vomit. Her condition is improving and being watched carefully. Her grandfather, Harold Hinkle, claimed that she should bring her to his place so she can get some rest, but none of his children remember resting there when they were sick at 6 years old. They were made to pull weeds, clean the pig pens, check cows maybe, but rest. Well, they may have found time for rest eventually.
Kristi will have Brit checked out at the clinic in Highmore today to make sure she's all right.
by Hiram Gonagan
Well, after an exiting soccer tournament Syney Goehring made it back from Canada last night about 11:30. Her mother Roxie said it was good to get back home, but they did have some fun. It was pretty hot at the soccer fields yesterday afternoon. Roxie claims there were temps that must have been 32 degrees centigrade. Sydney's team came away with third place in their age group. Congrats to Sydney!
The Holabird Advocate Circulation department has discoved that a computer in Japan has logged on to the Newsblog's web site. Of this, Publisher Jerry Hinkle said, "If I knew how to say thank you in Japanese, I'd say if right now. As it is, I'll just say thanks to them this way. 'Thanks for logging on, I hope you come back again.'"

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