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Thursday, July 24, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7Q
It was a long time in coming, but Doug Hinkle finally managed to pay his respects to his 101 year old grandfather, E.E. Hinkle at the Ponderosa Pines Old Age Assistance Home. He brought most of his family, leaving behind only Jamie Pothast, who one suspects spent the night e-mailing friends to tell them how bored she is. He did bring his son Cade, who entertained everyone thoughout the evening.
Jerry Hinkle gave Ashley Pothast another driving lesson until his nerves were darn near shot. She just won't drive careful like Jamie for some reason. Ashley then went to Mary Hinkle's computer to e-mail her friends about how bored she was.
Ashley Pothast was feeling very sad because he had a boyfriend that she calls "Hottie". His first name is unknown, but his last name is Roberts. At any rate, Hottie dumped Ashley because he thinks she is boring (obviously he's never taken this chick driving). Hottie has moved from Pierre to Highmore recently. We at the Holabird Advocate have reason to believe he will be in Tracy Lennick's class at school. Holabird Advocate Publisher, and concerned uncle, Jerry Hinkle, is going to try whatever he can do to get him and Ashley back together again. Maybe Hottie has a car that Ashley can drive.
In her constant effort to help her father hear better, Joyce Ferris arranged for E.E. Hinkle to recieve the world famous Bionic Ear hearing aid. She got the one for the right ear as an expermint. He didn't take to it too hot, claiming that he hears the same. His grandson, Jerry Hinkle started testing his hearing by saying nasty stuff about Bill and Hillary Clinton, and he definately did not hear a thing, or else he would have spoken up right quick. It appears that the old boy will be going the rest of his life never quite knowing what is being said around him. As E.E. sees things, however, "I already hear too much stuff that I don't want to hear!". He pouted until Joyce removed the cussed thing from his ear, but still feeling it in there afterward.

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