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Wednesday, July 23, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7P
The 101st birthday of E.E. Hinkle got off to an early start yesterday with the arrival of Mary Jo Nemec and her two youngest daughters. Mary Jo, as President of the Hyde County Farmers Union, presented the old boy with a certificate of honor. Holabird Advocate Publisher Jerry Hinkle missed that pesentation because he was babysitting his niece, Shelby Hinkle at the time. Mary Jo had the extra pleasure of catching up with Kelvin Kennedy, which is wife Donna did not enjoy at all. Donna need not worry though, as Kelvin and Mary Jo have 8 children between them and none in common. Kelvin and Mary Jo are both happily married, and not to each other either. Kelvin is a handsome lad though, for a grandfather.
Agnes Hahn, Louise Moss, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nickleson, Andy and Tracy Lennick, Patrick Brown, and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hoffman were all present later on that afternoon and evening.
The excitement proved too much for E.E. Hinkle, as he went to bed at 7pm. he was wide awake and with it by 8:45pm, in time for phone calls from Sandy Soulek, Terry and Susan Kennedy, and Nadine Day.
Ken Ferris, a card carrying member of the NRA, provided security, and nobody messed around with E.E. after Ken arrived on the scene. There were no terrorist incedents either.
A new day made the occupants of the Ponderosa and there guests a little more laid back. Doug Hinkle, who was unable to come because he took his family to the Shrine Circus, is coming over tonight so he can see the oldest living Hinkle, and he is bringing his son, Cade, so other people can see the youngest living Hinkle.
Because one cake and most of another was eaten yesterday, Mary baked another one. There are still five gallons of ice cream left over, so nobody had to go to town to get more of that.
Any doubt that the Ponderosa was a place of work was removed when Darrel resumed combining. So far his oats are testing at 41lb/bu. He brought a truck load into the bin which his brother Jerry unloaded with the minumum of trouble.

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