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Saturday, July 19, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7M
The surprise party for Jerry Hinkle's birthday was pretty good, Harold and Mary did take him to the Lodestar as planned, but the surprise part was that, among other thing, his grandmother, Agnes Hahn, did not go along with them.
There were a few Native Dakota girls that Jerry wouldn't have minded taking home with him. That is, until he saw one of them take a huge chaw of tobacco. That stuff can kill romance faster than both onions and garlic combined.
Jerry had the buffet, but only ate 2 platefuls. That should prove that Thermochrome works. Before that, he'd fill a plate 3 or 4 times, sometimes more than that. Harold and Mary had the 10oz. prime rib.
On the way home they stopped by to get eggs at Darrel and Kristi's house and found out that Brittany took sick, which just about killed the jovial mood that Jerry and the rest of the family were in.
The Emorymas picnic that was suggested for E.E. Hinkle's 101st birthday could realistically happen. It seems that Mary Hinkle, who thought such a thing would be too much work for her father-in-law has now decided that cake and ice cream isn't enough. With the old boys birthday on this coming Tuesday, the Hinkles better get their stuff together. Of course it is still unknown as to just who all will be there and who all will not.
Mavis Kennedy has informed the Holabird Advocate that Doc Kennedy's funeral service will be at 1pm MDT in Newcastle, Wyoming. Mary Hinkle has told us that the reason he is called Doc is because he is a doctor, or rather was. His given name at birth is unknown, but we still offer our sympathy to his family at this time.

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