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Monday, July 14, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7I
After three days of fishing, catching the limit every day, Proffessor Ken Hansen has decided to call it good. To cellebrate his good fortune, his mother-in-law, Agnes Hahn is having an old fashioned fish fry. A standing room only crowd is expected.
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, was invited on the condition that he take a bath. He's still thinking it over at the present time. Dinner begins at 6, so he'd better make up his mind soon.
Mary Jo Nemec reportsd that she and her family had a good time at Farmers Union Family Camp. The food was good. On the last night of camp there was a steak fry that included baked potatoes with all the fixings, garlic bread and fresh fruit salad. They were spent some time with Suzanne and Derek McCloud and got in some shopping. Stephanie Herseth was there and brought what was reported to be a "special friend". He is a congressman from Texas. Mary Jo was kind enough to ask around to some of the people in authority at SDFU office to see if E.E. Hinkle is the oldest SDFU member in the state. Hopefully her inquiry will be answered before too long.
Celebrating E.E. Hinkle's brthday just got a little more complicated. He now wants all of those who are able to come to his celebration to wear the T-shirts that were supplied by Jauhn Hinkle last year. Anyone not in possession of said shirts need not worry as we are sure that they will not be turned away. As it is the only people who want to come are Mavis Kennedy and Mary Jo Nemec. E.E has laid in a supply of 2 gallon of ice cream, and may want to get more.
Besides the Hansens, Harold and Mary Hinkle have recieved other Iowa guests as Dale and Darlene Verconde of North English came in yesterday afternoon with grandkids Kaylee and Dalen Verconde of Austin Texas. They have toured the Ponderosa, shot tin cans with BB guns, and looked at all of the livestock including cattle, cats, and the rabbit. No offers to take anything home yet though.
Harold and Mary have taken their company to Chamberlin to see that area and are expected to be at Agnes Hahn fish fry at 6pm tonight even though none of them have had a bath today.

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