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Friday, July 11, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7G
Transition problems from the Bravenet service to the new Bravenet service are slowly coming around. They have caught up to Readers who logged on all the way up to today.
One interesting development that the Holabird Advocate Circulation Department has reported is that MSN once again found us around then. This time it was for someone looking for "time difference in austrailia".
Mary Hinkle has declared that there be no potluck picnic for E.E. Hinkle's birthday. There will be a party of sorts, but at said party, there is too be no food except for cake and ice cream, no ballons, no dancing, no speeches, and no politicians. People outside the family are welcome to come if they want. All who do come out should be aware of a few things. Joyce Ferris is staying with her father and is not supposed to laugh as she has all kinds of broken and cracked bones. That must be why Mary is being so disagreeable.
Harold, being unusually more compassionate than normal, Asked his father what he wanted for his bithday. The old boy asked for two things. He wants to go to a rummage sale (ON A TUESDAY), and he wants Mavis to come over and clean her lantern (Harold can't find anything dirty about it). This not withstanding, Mavis is expected to be at the Ponderosa sometime after July 19.
Tom Daschle, senior Senator from South Dakota, has started his reelection campaign early with an advertisment for a new bill he has created that will increase ethonal production to as much as triple the current rate. He has an uphill battle with his own party has both New York Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer against it. So is one of the Democratic California Senators. They are in favor of using MTSB, a Canadian fuel additive that causes cancer. If Daschle keeps up the fight, and gets it through, The Holabird Advocate just might endorse his campaign (unless he would rather we endorsed his opponent like we did Stephanie Herseth in her campaign last year).

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