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Thursday, July 10, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7F
After midnight Wednesday morning a weather system brought strong winds, a little rain, and a lot of thunder and lightning into The Holabird area. Harold And Mary Hinkle were concerned enough about the 55 MPH winds to move closer to the cellar at E.E. Hinkle's place, waking Jerry and the old boy in the process. After a have hour, it appeared that the worst had passed, and they went back home.
The next morning, everything in the yard was scattered around save for two objects. the first was a cooler filled with ice, the second, Shelby Hinkle's toy lawnmower.
The new, but not yet improved, Bravenet.com has changed some of their services. The most noticable change is the Silver Sword of Truth on our Circulation counter has been replaced by "plain text". When our courageous, dynamic Publisher read those words on the Bravenet web site, then went to the Holabird Advocate's front page, he said, "Truer words were never spoken, Bubba!".
The Circulation Department has had it's share of troubles too. According to Bravenet, we haven't had a Reader since December 31, 1969. Interestingly enough, that was before Al Gore even thought of inventing the internet.
As much as he'd like to blame Bill Janklow, Jerry Hinkle, as well the rest of his family have only themselves to blame for not going to the Farmers Union Family Camp on a full scholarship. Among the many reasons for this is they simply don't have time. In the next few days several relatives and friends will be visiting the Hinkle family.
Being a vegetarian is not easy in this world, as many who have tried the lifestyle can attest. I've heard of some such veggies that will eat fish, and some that will eat beef, pork, chicken, or pretty much any meat except fish, but won't eat fish.
Enter Juahn Hinkle, of National City, California. His meat exception is grass fed buffalo. Grilling buffalo stakes qualifies Mr. Hinkle for PITA Membership. Juahn likes the fact that no antibiotics are used in the treatment of the buffalo calfs. The reason for this is, because the buffalo ranchers don't want to mess with the critters any more than neccessary. They aren't vacinated for brucellosis, either. Of course that doesn't effect the tasty meat one bit. Buffalo fanciers claim the meat is a bit sweeter than beef. It is a great deal more expensive, so unless you're made of money, you might not want to make eating buffalo a habit. WHAT IF THEY HAD A PARTY AND NOBODY CAME
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
Several well meaning freinds, family, and neighbors have asked about Grandad's birthday and any possible celebration. A party would be in order, provided it was not on the Y1C scale of last year. Perhaps you Readers out there with nothing to do on July 22 may like to come over. I would encourage you to do so, providing you gave us a little notice. Perhaps we could throw an impromptu potluck picnic, something of that variety. We could even make it an anual event. Call it Emorymas or some such thing. Let me know what you think about that.

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