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Tuesday, July 08, 2003
VOL. II Issue 7E
E.E Hinkle was asked by his brother, Don, if "they" were going to have a party for his 101st birthday, which is on July 22. E.E., in turn, Asked his grandson Jerry the same. He replied, "I don't think so". Last Sunday at church the subject come up again. When Mavis Kennedy called her father, he was trying to find out if she was coming over to clean the house. Her answer was not exactly clear, but when Mavis talked to Harold, she told him that she and their sister, Joyce, thought they should "do something". Mary has expressed no interest in having a party because, as she says, "It's too much work."
Any developments in this story will be reported as they happen.
Earlier this afternoon, the Holabird Advocate Circulation Department reported that they have reached their goal of 1700 readers. The figure is the same as the estimated population of Hyde County.
At first, it was hoped to reach that number by January 1, 2003, then by July 18. It appears that the celebrating can start anytime.
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle said in a statement this afternoon, "This is just the beginning. I suspect that eventually we will have 700,000 Readers, which is the approximate population of South Dakota. Of course, that won't be for some time. Until then we'll just do what we have been doing."
by Jerry Hinkle, of the Holabird Advocate
The world famous "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona, Spain has caused a great deal of pain to those brave, or some would say stupid, people who parcipate in the event. It also causes a lot of laughter to the spectators who watch the spectacle from the safety of there own TV set. Joining in on all the fun is PETA. Yes our lovable, but hopelessly insane, friends from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals seem to think that the bulls are getting mistreated. The people getting chased, they could care less about, but those poor defenseless bulls are gonna get hurt.
Of course, Being the courageous, dynamic publisher of this fine newsblog have figured out the best solution to this whole thing. I believe that PETA members should be among those being chased by the bulls. That way, they can make sure that no harm comes to the bulls from those nasty people. Perhaps they could even give the bulls a hug, to make them feel better.
By the way 3 people were killed at this years running. The number of bulls: 0.

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