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Monday, June 02, 2003
VOL. II Issue 6A
Former South Dakota aviation pioneer Clarence Hansen, of Forrest City, Iowa, was rushed to emergency open-heart surgery over the weekend. Hansen, known as "Pa" to family and friends is currently on life support. His children and grandchildren have been summoned, and it is expected that he may not live out the week. The situation, in an earthly sense is critical. All of us at the Holabird Advocate, however, believe that this is a fight that Pa Hansen can not lose. If he dies, he will simply earn his wings once again to fly over all God's creation. Should he live, he will have one more story to tell. You can trust the Holabird Advocate to stay on top of this story.
On Saturday, May 31, the Nemec-McCloud wedding took place as scheduled. Although 375 people sent an RSVP, Carol Zilverberg counted 9 empty tables. The ceremony lasted for 90 minutes, giving both Suzanne and Derek ample time to back out if they so desired, but true love, or a reasonable facsimale, won the day and they were made husband and wife. Of course the easy part is over. Anybody with a kindergarten education can say "I do". the true test of love will be if they can continue to say it for the next 70 years. All of us at the Holabird Advocate send the newly pronounced Mr. and Mrs. McCloud our best wishes.
It was announced at services yesterday that the Methodist parish of Blunt, Harrold, and Highmore will be getting a new minister. His first name is Avon, the last name is unpronouncible in the English language, but as soon as we get the proper spelling, it will be run in the Holabird Advocate.
Pastor Avon is 64 years old. He has a wife who has M.S.. He and his wife like the parsonage and have consented to live in it despite certain parish members who say the house is unfit for human habitation.
Pastor Avon begins his service to the Church on July 6

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