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Monday, June 30, 2003
VOL. II Issue 6Q
The Highmore United Methodist Church played host to the BHH Parish Farewell service and potluck dinner for Pastor Phil Lint yesterday. It was a packed house.There was an almost tearjerking children's serrmon when Pator Phil said "Goodbye" to each of the kids in attendance individually. Suprisingly enough none of the kids cried, in fact they took it better than a lot of the adults. He also made sure that each of the kids had his address, so that they could write to him to let him know how they were doing as they grew.
Pastor Phil thanked the parish for all of their love and support and blessings. He also challenged the parish to be faithful in their giving, especially when it's a special offering. He further hoped that when they were supplied with another minister, that they treat him or her the same wonderful way that they have treated him through the years. Different members of the BHH Parish showered him with all matter of gifts and cards of good wishes.
Pastor Phil was sorry that his wife Mary Lee was not able to come because of a previous commitment and added her thanks to his own as well. The parish churches at Wagner and Tyndall are getting a good minister in Pastor Phil Lint. All of us at the Holabird Advocate hope they know that.
This morning it was reported that Katharine Hepburn has died at the age of 96. Ms. Hepburn had made several motion pictures, frequently teaming up with Spencer Tracy. She won four Academy Awards, but refused to attend the ceremony because as she said " I might lose". Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, has only one Hepburn movie in his video library, "Rooster Cogburn (...and the Lady)". She played the Lady (of course), and did so with all the comedic and dramatic timing at the points that the challenging role called for her to do so. She did that with all of her roles. Her pathos in "On Golden Pond" was so convincing, that some people were sure that she was, in fact, married to Henry Fonda (she wasn't). Perhaps the aspiring actress of today should go out and rent a few of her movies and see how "it" is done.
by Jerry Hinkle (natch)
Just a few quick notes to close of the 18th issue of the Holabird Advocate. First of all, to all the concerned readers out there concerned about my finances, don't be. I'm a little cash poor right now because I've got a lot invested in Market America products right now. Now, as for the $35 for the camping trip, I'll either raise it or I won't. To answer another burning question, yes, I want to take this trip because Stephanie Herseth will be there, but only because I'd like to interview her face to face. I'm not interested in Ms. Herseth in any other way (besides that, she wouldn't have me anyhow)
Another little hicup with the Newsblog is that the IRS is not happy with the masthead declaring that it is a non-profit organization. They say that people could be confused and give us money for tax deduction purposes. For that reason we can not call the Holabird Advocate a non-profit corportion. The reason it is not tax deductable is because, according to the IRS, we werve no charitable purpose (ridding the world of ignorance is not a charitable purpose, I guess). Since there would be a lot of expense and red tape involved in fighting the whole thing, I decided it best just to change the masthead.
Starting with our 19th issue tomorrow, I will add a discussion thread module, what I call a "letter to the Publisher" where you the reader can give both positive and negative feedback to what I am doing here. You can even debate vital social issues and stuff with each other (which should be more interesting than the "Point-Counterpoint" thing that Dole and Clinton-Clinton and Dole gave us on "60 Minutes".
My birthday is July 18th, I will be 36. I am hoping that by that day we will have 1700 readers, which is the population of Hyde County. If you know anyone who would enjoy this kind of infotainment (or is it entermaition) please get them directed to us. We'll thank you and they will too.
Lastly, I want to let you, the Readers, know how humble I've felt the last month with your responses to this month's poll. There have been times in the last 18 months that I haven't felt courageous or dynamic. It is usually while I am at the computer at the home office here, cranking out the Holabird Advocate editions for you, the Reader, that do feel that way. For that I thank you.

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