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Saturday, June 28, 2003
VOL. II Issue 6P
Just when the Federal government starts a "Do Not Call" list, Harold Hinkle is looking for people to be on a "Do Call" list. It seems he has too much free time and free minutes on his cellular phone.
He has been calling up a storm here. Victums this week alone include both of Harold's sisters, all three of his uncles, an aunt, his cousins, Donna Wallis and Ellene Farley, and even his old army pals, Maurice Ham and Dale Verconde. Nobody seems to be off limits.
If there are any Holabird Advocate readers out there who have nothing to do on the weekend or after 9pm Holabird time, feel free to be placed on his "Do Call" list. If you would not like to ever be called by Harold in this lifetime or the next, you can get placed on a "Do Not Call" list as well. E-mail your request to mhhink@sbtc.net with "Do Call list" or "Do Not Call" list, depending on your own unique situation, in the subject line. Be sure to let him know your name, number and the times you are available. Harold's record is 2 hours so make sure that if you do get a call that you will be comfortable, as you will be there for a while.
All three bills introduced in the special session that Governor Mike Rounds called on Thursday were passed by the Statehouse and signed into law yesterday before noon.
The bills consisted of two Senate Bills and one House Bill. The first Senate Bill created the risk pool, while the other bill paid for it out of the general fund, thereby not calling for a tax increase. The House Bill called for flexible rates for the insurance companies that have seen fit to stay in the state of South Dakota.
This risk pool was created for the 1000 uninsured people in South Dakota who were left without insurance when their carrier stopped doing business in the state.
The South Dakota State Fair has announced that well over half of the tickets for the Kenny Rogers concert at 8pm July 30 have been sold.
In addition to the Kenny Rogers show there will be a concert from the Georgia Satellites (a group we've heard of) and Rude awakening (a group we've never heard of, must be the openning act). That concert will be at 8pm on August 2.
Other grandstand shows include the "Rock and Roll Revival" and an AMA motorcycle race on August 3, just one day before the legendary Sturgis Rally and Races is to begin.
Last but certainly not least, in order to bring kids to the fair, it has been announced that Sesame Street's Elmo will be at the fair as well. Because of security concerns Elmo's exact venue was not disclosed.
Pastor Phil Lint will have his last rervice for the BHH parish at Highmore tomorrow at 10:30am with a potluck dinner to follow. He has been a loyal and faithful servant to the three congragations and will be severely missed. Pastor Phil is going on to better things in the Tyndall, South Dakota area. Everyone here at the Holabird Advocate wishes him and his wife Mary Lee well.

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