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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
VOL. II Issue 6N
There were at least 40 and possibly 60 tornadoes that touched down in South Dakota on Tuesday night between the hours of 5:30-11:30pm CDT. Several towns were damaged from the smallest to the largest. Manchester, South Dakota (population 20) lost all 8 of their occupied buildings as well as the other 2 which were not occupied. None of the residents were killed, but 4 were injured, 2 of those severly so. a passing motorist had his van wrapped around a tree. the fate of the vans driver and possible passenger is a not known as of now.
Sioux Falls (population 115,000+) was also effected as were the surrounding towns of Brandon, Centerville, Lennox, Parker, Tea, and Viborg. each had varying degrees of damage, but Parker's Turner County Fairgrounds reported thier grandstand as "gone".
Closer to Holabird, There was a tornado system that went from Stephan to south of Miller and southwest of Huron. Ken Ferris reported a lot of rain, strong wind, but no damage, not even to his tomato plants.
Meanwhile, back at the Ponderosa they recieved .85 of an inch of rain. They are greatful that they didn't have tornadoes and hail like some of the other areas in the state.
Brittany Hinkle enjoyed Farmers Union camp so much, she wants to go again. Her mother, Kristi, was told of a Farmers Union Family camp at Lake Herman. For $35, the whole family can go. Darrel and Kristi are thinking it over right now.
When Brit's uncle, Jerry Hinkle, heard that Stephanie Herseth was going to be there, he set out to come up with $35. He is currently considering selling one of his kidneys on eBay.

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