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Tuesday, June 24, 2003
VOL. II Issue 6M
For Harold and Mary Hinkle, it was a low key celebration, more like an observance of their 40th annversary. They didn't even have cake and ice cream. in the morning Harold and darrel turned the bulls out with the calves. Mary watched her grandkids in the afternoon. Jerry Hinkle showed his niece Brittany the wedding album, which provided a lot of laughter as much has changed in the life of Harold and Mary.
A source close to the Nemec family reports that Bridget Nemec will be getting married at her parents home north of Holabird. When this story first came to our attention, we thought they said it was Brigette Nemec. Since she is still in school we assume they meant her Aunt Bridget.
The exact time of this event is not known. It is assumed that invitations will be forthcoming to those in the Holabird area deemed socially acceptable enough to attend one of Ed and Barbara Nemec's elegant parties. Hopefully our Publisher will pass muster, and will pass on the information to those who don't.
by Jerry Hinkle of the Holabird Advocate
Recently a friend of mine had me take the Friends quiz. Of course, being courageous and dynamic I took it, even though I don't watch it and have no interest in watching it anytime soon. However, all of you that wonder which friend you are can take this quiz as well. At the bottom of the Holabird Advocate's home page is the link, just scroll down as soon as you are done reading all the news we see fit to print. As you can see I am Chandler Bing (whoever that is) because, I guess, I tell jokes and am goofy. Is that true? Feel free to let me know how you feel about the quiz and comment on my results and yours.

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