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Saturday, June 21, 2003
VOL. II Issue 6K
Dr. Teuber has apparently discovered that Joyce Ferris has both a cracked vertabrae and at least one broken ribs. Some have commented at times that Joyce seems to break bones rather easily. As for her current condition, it sems that little can be done except for resting on her part. She has been given pain meds, and all of us at the Holabird Advocate hope they do her some good.
Jerry Hinkle took it upon himself to take his niece, Brittany, to the Historical Society museum this afternoon. She was especially impressed with all of the books that her great-grandmother, Bergit Hinkle compiled during her tenure with the Historical Society. E.E. Hinkle does not let anyone forget that his wife Bergit "started" The Historical Society. Since her passing eight and a half years ago her legacy has been kept in good hands. Let's hope it stays that way.
One of Hyde counties most festive occasions is Old Settlers Day. Since it's inception in 1970, the celebration has continued to grow with the times. The first celebration consisted of the parade at 10:30 Saturday morning with a picnic at Quirk park at noon. A demolition derby and rodeo in the afternoon and a program Saturday night to crown the King and Queen. Later that evening there was a dance at the Auditorium. The passage of time has brought different events at different times, the events that pass the test of time always seem to continue. One thing that doesn't change is that Family and friends get together, have some good clean fun (or not so clean at times) and remember that Highmore and Hyde County are great places to live and visit. Old Settlers seems to call those who have roamed and welcome them home, even if just for a weekend in June.
It was reported by the Circulation Department that as of 6:40 pm this evening a Webtv user armed with the MSN search engine has discovered the Holabird Advocate Newsblog. The best part is this: the search criteria was "Holabird Advocate". It seems our fame is spreading. It is hoped by the staff and Publisher of the Holabird Advocate that you, the Reader, will help in making it easier for those who are looking for us. Please all do remember that we have an announcer link.

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