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Monday, June 16, 2003
VOL. II Issue 6G
Jerry Hinkle has not been in the home office for awhile. He and the rest of his family hasn't exactly been idle though. Harold and Mary Hinkle attended the funeral services for Clarence Hansen getting back to Pierre just in time for Ashley Pothast's birthday paty on Saturday night. Darrel was planting millet at Spring Lake but knocked off early to take his family to the party as well. Jerry raised the flag for Flag Day early Saturday morning and then watched Darrel and Kristi's kids while Kristi attended the City-wide Rummage Sale in Miller.
On Sunday Harold and Mary went fishing with Larry and Bonnie Nickleson and Andy Lennick at East Whitlock near Gettysburg. Darrel finished up at Spring Lake and moved closer to home. Kristi and Jerry helped him move. Just as Kristi was getting ready to take Jerry back home Darrel broke down and they had to find all the parts that fell off of the planter. Jerry has warned Darrel repeatedly about working on Sunday.
E.E. Hinkle recieved phone calls from both of his daughters and grandson, Terry Kennedy wishing him well on Father's Day. Despite 93 degrees outside E.E. went for his walk that afternoon.
This morning Darrel managed to put everything back together, with Harold and Jerry's help.
For the past two Sundays Harold and Mary have been fishing. Neither time with very much success. On top of that, last week they lost all their bait, while yesterday they had a flat tire on the boat trailer just outside the Hyde County line and had to call Jerry to bring a over a jack.
by Jerry Hinkle of the Holabird Advocate
We just celebrated Fathers Day in this country. But, do we really treat our fathers with the same reverence that we lavished our mothers with last month? President Wilson signed Mothers Day into law in 1914. The nation didn't give old Dad his day until (get this) 1972. That's right, old Tricky Dicky signed Fathers Day into law 31 years ago.
Somebody took a survey as to what children would give each of their parents if money was no object. The most popular gift for the mother was a tie between a new dress and jewelry. The most popular answer for Dad-work gloves.
Does this mean we live in a woman's world? Well, there is the whole equal pay for equal work thing, but perhaps the old saying of "The hand that rocks the cradle" has come into play here. At any rate, it looks like there's kind of a trade off. I hope that each and every one of you, the Readers, took at least a little time out yesterday to think about your father's contribution to your life and personality.
One last thing. Eddie Murphy remembered that his father worked hard all year to give his kids all kinds of toys, including Train sets, Tyco race tracks, Etch-a-Sketch, etc. All his father got that year was a card with every one of the kids' name on it. Perhaps it's not a man's world or a woman's. Perhaps the world belongs to kids.

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