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Thursday, June 12, 2003
VOL. II Issue 6F
Last nights weather was full of electricity last night. The was a tornado warning in Hyde County when Live Doppler 2000 spotted a funnel cloud 17 miles west of Onida, putting the cluoud a mile or two fromthe Ponderosa. Among those who saw the cloud was our courageous, dynamic Publisher Jerry Hinkle, who cowardly went to his grandfather's house to be closer to the basement.
Nothing came of the tornado, however, and amid all the thunder and lightning the Ponderosa recieved a total of .05 inches of rain. The thunder was so loud that it kept E.E. Hinkle up past 11pm when Harold and Mary were just getting home from a GRHS board meeting in Pierre.
Because she has been in a great deal of pain for some time now, Joyce Ferris is going into St. Mary's Hospital in Pierre for an MRI tomorrow. She is taking this step because her regular doctor in Huron refuses to give her one in favor of an X-ray. Drs. Paul and Robert Hohm seem unable or unwilling to help her get the MRI.
Once Joyce get's the MRI, She has an appointment with a Dr Teuber of Rapid City. This same Dr. Teuber, it is believed, performed Mary Hinkle's back surgery, so we know she's in the very best of hands.
Joyce could sure do with relief. To hear her brother Harold tell the story it seems that she hasn't been able to climb stairs for several months now. All of us at the Holabird Advocate are hoping for the best.
The home office was shocked to hear about the passing of both David Brinkley and Gregory Peck. Both of these great men were two of the many voices that Publisher Jerry Hinkle could do a pretty fair impression when called upon to do so.
David Brinkley was 82. He had the hard luck to compete with Walter Cronkite in the Evening News. His NBC Huntley/Brinkley report was a news institution in the 60s. He went on to ABC for "This Weekend" were he reviewed all the news and newsmakers in the week just passed. He was forced to retire after saying critical things about Bill Clinton when he thought he was off-air. His humility is what made him a great newsman and a great human being. That said there's only one way to properly pay tribute to him, with the following word's: "Good night, David"
David Brinkley was a hard act to follow, but Gregory Peck has done it it. He had an acting carrer that lasted 54 years, playing a variety of roles in film and television, from Abe Lincoln to General MacArthur. His best known effort was most likely his role in 1962 as Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird" for which he won the Acadamy Award. Some have said that he didn't deserve the award because he was really a caring compassionate father, as well as a good human being. It just goes to show you that sometimes the good guys do win. Peck was 87.

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