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Tuesday, May 27, 2003
VOL. II Issue 5N
A lot of things happenned over the Memorial Day Weekend. Harold and Mary put a PITA gathering together, the first one that Jerry ever missed. They found a bargin on chicken hind quarters and went hog wild on it. Harold and Mary stopped on the way home to pick up more chicken so the could grill it again at home.
Harold tryed out Doug's new hamock between a couple trees that were spaced out about right. Kaitlyn decided it would be funny if she and Brittany were to tip over the whole magilla right there. As they tipped it over, the hamock gave way. Doug and Darrel both thought that there might be a need for some medical attention, but Harold managed to get up on his own.
Mary managed to get the kids fishing. Brittany caught a catfish that made it to the Ponderosa alive, so Harold put it into the minnow tank. Mary and Ashley were able to catch some 16 inch walleye, which Mary fried for dinner on Tuesday.
Of course, the group went to the obigatory rummage sales. Because of the Holiday weekend there were only five to go to. Doug had to drive Jamie to a dance on Saturday night only to discover that the dance had been on Friday night.
On Sunday Harold and Mary watched Cade for Doug and Noel so they could go to Pierre Riggs High School graduation. Cade and Justin mostly fought with each other.
When Harold and Mary got home on Monday afternoon, Jerry told them all about the .31 inches of rain that the Ponderosa recieved. He also told them that the bulls got out and ran around and had to be chased back into their pen. Lastly he told the that he went to the Luthern Church, where the only blond he talked to was his grandmother, Agnes Hahn, and then to the Methodist Church as well.
It has been reported that while there has only been one recorded case of BSE in the whole of Canada, there could also be a possibility of BSE contamination in the Canadian dog food supply. If you have purchased Canadian dog food do not eat it or feed it to anyone or anything. Exactly what you can do with it is not known.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
Effective June 2nd, The Holabird Advocate will be conducting expermints with the "AudioBlog" service that Blogger.com has. This is, providing that said service is free. Neither I nor anyone else connected to the Newsblog can promise exactly what this means to the Holabird Advocate Readership just yet. It depends a lot on the ability of your courageous, dynamic publisher to learn about MP3 techlology between now and then. Blogger.com has not come up with a "VideoBlog" yet, but I and the rest of the staff here believe that it can't be far behind.

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