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Saturday, May 24, 2003
VOL. II Issue 5M
Harold and Mary Hinkle, along with most of their children and all of their grandchildren, are at the Downsteam Oahe Campground to celebrate Memorial Day. When E.E. Hinkle was asked if he'd like to go along he said, "I would not. I couldn't sleep that close to the dam". As those who know him best could tell you, E.E. has a feeling that the Oahe Dam could bust open at any time and flood half the state, just like that Nostradamus guy predicted a few hundred years ago. This year will most likely not be that year as there have been reports of boaters getting sandbarred while going up the lazy river (and down it as well)
Jerry Hinkle stayed behind as well. Not for the same reasons as his grandfather, but, as he says it,"Just because I can". Jerry isn't exactly suffering either. Word has it that he's going to Highmore early Sunday morning to see a good looking blond lady from somewhere out east before he goes to church. Jerry has been chuckling that he can get away with it because E.E. will just think he's going to Sunday School when in actuality, Sunday School is over. Nobody told this to E.E. because he doesn't go to Sunday School anyway and hasn't for some time now.
Responding to the U.U. ban on Candadian beef, an official said that there has only been one case of BSE, and the meat from that animal never got to the end consumer. It has taken four months for this case to come to the light of day, however. At first, it was reported that it was thought to be a simple case of pneumonia. As it turns out that was not the case.
South Dakota's congressional delegation has restated their belief in the need for COOL (Country Of Origin Labeling). Tim Johnson, The state's Junior Senator commented "This(COOL) won't stop Mad Cow Disease, but that's not the issue. The fact that consumers are currently unable to differantiate between U.S., Canada ,and other nations in unacceptable."
Senior Senato Tom Dascle said," COOL should go forward. This situation underscores its importance."
At Large Representitive Bill Janklow stated that the COOL measure that was passed last year should be enfored, but it won't take effect until 2004. "Why should it take two years to implement it?", he asked rhetoricly. Janklow, it should be stated climebed on the bandwagon a bit late. as govenor he saw nothing wrong with IBP "outsourcing" Canadian beef in South Dakota until he was campaigning fopr reelection in 1998. He made a big enough stink about it that he gained national media attention and was asked to run for President. Janklow also reprted that there was one case where a bull had something that looked like BSE when he was Governor. The state bought the bull, has it slaughtered and tested. Thankfully for all of us, the test came out negative.
Today, May 24, 2003 markes the 60th birthday of Gary Burghoff, who played Radar on MASH, both on TV and in the movie. His portayal of a young man dealing with the horrors of war was quite good. Radar's small town Iowa innocence was almost symbolic of not only the average soldier that fought and died in the Korean conflict, but American society as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RADAR!!! Wonder if old Radar has traded in Grape Nehi for prune juice yet.
In observance of Memorial day, the home office of the Holabird Advocate will be closed. As it happens it is also the birthdate of John Wayne, James Arness, and Don Hinkle. All three of these men are admired by the Publisher and the staff of the Holabird Advocate.

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