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Monday, May 19, 2003
VOL. II Issue 5J
The Hinkle family arranged it so that Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate was able to attend the Graduation ceremony for Highmore High School's class of 2003. Good thing for him he was there too. Bonnie Nickleson, who is just as courageous and dynamic as her nephew managed to secure a seat of honor for Jerry in the front row so Andrew could look out and see that his godfather was there to see him through this stage in his life. Of course this means that she had to take a back seat, but she didn't seem to mind. And he was both humbled and honored to do so. It was a last minute thing too, as Jerry had to hurry before the famous "Pomp and Circumstance" played calling the graduates to there seats. Another second longer and people would have thought he was graduating as well. Sadly, he was unable to take pictures from that location because the battery in his camera went dead. He has since replaced the battery. Jerry noted a few differences from his own ceremony 17 years ago that day. Instead of the band playing, kindergarten teacher Mrs. LaMont played the march solo on the piano (and brilliantly too, we might add). The life stories of most of the named scholarships were printed out for the audience instead of being read aloud to them (which was a welcome change to him). The High School choir did not sing like in years past, which made Jerry think that perhaps that both the band and choir has been cut from the school budget. The class of 2003 had a brilliant speaker in Mr. LaMont, the high school english teacher. The general idea behind his speech was "Enjoy today". Both Jerry and Mr. Ruth, the school's CEO, agree that they could not have said it better than he did.
After Graduation was the reception, Jerry was able to catch up with Donna, Andy's godmother/cousin. Donna made the fatal mistake of asking Jerry what he does and got the full Market America Treatment with a little rundown of his grandfather's health for the last two years. When asked What he knew about Donna, Jerry replied, "She has a nice husband and four extremely well behaved children. They live somewhere near Dawson, Minnesota. They drove straight here and drove staight back. She's still a nurse. That's about all I know, I Guess". Looks like Jerry learned the fine art of listening from E.E. Hinkle himself doesn't it. He didn't even bother to learn her last name.
Hinkles everywhere can rejoice for an answer to prayer. This afternoon E.E. Hinkle was pleasently surprised by a phone call from his sister-in-law, LaRayne Hinkle of Bonita, Ca. "She sounded just like she used to!", E.E. excitedly declared. LaRayne told him that Shirley has gone back home and She and Don are back to watching over each other.
Former Holabird resident Marilou Gregg died in Pierre after a long battle with cancer. Services are pending and more details will be forthcoming in the Holabird Advocate when we recieve them.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
As a quasi serious journalist, I'm supposed to be objective. When it comes to Keloland, I'm not. Today marks their 50th year in broadcasting. They will be having a half-hour special at 6:30 tonight to celebrate. Mrs. Joe Floyd was a freind of my Grandma Bergit's. I remember Leo Hartig doing the news, Les Harding doing the weather, Jim Burt drinking beer on TV while doing the sports news and predictions with Charlie the computer. What I remember most fondly growing up with, of course, was "Captain 11", who, disguised as mild mannered Dave Dedrick was endowed with "The wisdom of Solomon and the strength of Atlas". He always ended the show by saying "Mind Mom and Dad! Eat everything they tell you to eat! And pray your prayers when you go to bed, that's the most important part! The ACLU must have hated the Captain. Dave Dedrick has since become a good friend of mine(at least until he reads this article anyway). He has told me a lot about the beginning of Keloland. Dave's voice was the first heard on Keloland. Joe Floyd, Evans Nord and Dave started it all. Only he's alive to talk about it now. So far only one man has been Captain 11. He's lucky, and we're lucky.

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