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Saturday, May 17, 2003
VOL. II Issue 5I
There have been two terrorist bombings this past week killing several Americans on foriegn soil. One in Saudi Arabia, the other in Morocco. Instead of trying another strike on the American homeland, which apparently is too secure for them, they have cowardly tryed to kill Americans that travel abroad. Of course there were people from other lands killed as well. A sad fact of life in this day and age.
After spending several hours getting the boat ready for the free fishing weekend Harold Hinkle woke up this morning to high winds. When the winds died down so had the excitement of fishing. Harold was having trouble geting the lights on the boat trailer to work properly also.
Highmore High School is cranking out a few more graduates tomorrow. One of them, Andrew Lennick, is the godson of Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, Not wanting to miss the ceremony, yet wanting to make sure his grandfather doesn't have to eat leftover oatmeal out of a slop bucket, Jerry had seen to it that there is plenty of pudding and hot dogs in the fridge for him to eat. Be that as it may, all of us that know Jerry can imagine that he'll still be worried all the time that he is away from him. There is a slim chance that E.E. will go to town with the rest of them, but nobody's betting on it.
by Jerry Hinkle, of the Holabird Advocate
It was on May 18, 1986 when I made it the stage on my own graduation day. Looking back, I now see what an important day it was in my life. In those day's we had some speaker telling the graduates all kind of crap like "you are the future" and things of that sort. The speaker at my graduation was Miami Dolphins owner Joe Robbie. He was so boring that I slept through most of what he said. If I had the chance to talk to the class of 2003 I would say something like this. If you are graduationg or know someone who is graduating make sure they read this. As my aunt Virginia would say "This is gonna be short and sweet".
"Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2003, you started out as girls and boys in kindergarten. Now you are being let loose on the world. Because of the advances in science and technology, each one of you could live to be 120 or even older. You could also die before you see tomorrow. Remember that yesterday is in the tomb of time. It is dead and buried, leaving behind memories, both good and bad. In my day, we'd have said 'It's history'. Tomorrow is in the womb of time. A hidden promise, a mystery that God will reveal at the right time. It is not yet formed. All we have is right now. Today is a gift. that's why it's called the present. The ACLU will be mad at me for telling you this, but today is a gift from God, and it's the best gift you will recieve on this, your Graduation Day. When your parents and teachers tell you crap like 'you're the future', remember that they are wrong. You've just graduated. You're not the future, you're history. Learn from yesterday, but live today, and then you can help form tomorrow. Thank you and drive carefully!"

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