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Holabird Advocate

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Thursday, May 15, 2003
VOL. II Issue 5G
Yesterday, E.E. Hinkle went to Huron to see Dr. Doug for a check-up. No surprise that he found nothing to prevent the old boy from turning 101 this coming July. Things are not as rosy for Agnes Hahn. Her doctor suspects that Agnes's anemia could be caused by internal bleeding and will be going back to the doctor next Wednesday for a colonascopy.
The South Dakota Hiway Patrol has been very visably informing the citizens of their intent to step up enforcement of the Seat Belt Law effective May 19. Exactly what this stepping up entails has not been revealed. Efforts to find an actual Hiway Patrolman have not been successful. Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, had planned to find one by driving between Pierre and Huron going 70 MPH until he finds one. Attorney Jess Sumi from the law firm of Ural, Krupt, Sumi and Dye, has tried to tell him that he should wait until after the 19th and then drive without his seat belt clicked to find out. Senior partner Howard Ural suggested that Jerry simply ask his sister-in-law, who works for the State Hiway Department, all about it. That's why he's the senior partner.
No the Holabird Advocate is not taking classified ads. Our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle is in a bit of a spot. His godson, Andrew Lennick will be graduating from high school and he would like to attend he ceremony. Trouble is he doesn't want to desert his grandfather and leave him home all alone without dinner at noon and "boost" at 3pm. anyone who is willing to help Jerry out is encouraged to get in touch with him.

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