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Holabird Advocate

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Monday, May 12, 2003
VOL. II Issue 5F
Word has reached the Holabird Advocate that the 147th Field Artillery based in Miller and Redfield was deactivated today after doing their part for the "War on Terrorism" . We have not discovered if Colin Zilverberg, who grew up in Holabird is among those returning home. Colin and his unit left March 12th for an undisclosed location in Kentucky. Nobody from the Holabird Advocate has heard anything about him since he left.
Roxie Goehring informed our Publisher that her daughter, Sydney had a little mishap last Tuesday in track practice. She was doing hurdles and caught her toe just as she was going over and wiped out.At first, they thought nothing about it. However, the next morning when she was taken to school, her fingers looked
swollen.After lunch that day Roxie took her in and had X-rays taken. It was good that she did. Poor Sydney has a fractured right elbow. She was told to take her to the orthopedic clinic and they said that she needed a FULL ARM CAST!! So, now track is OVER for the season. She will go back in 10 days to get another X-ray and then they will know if soccer is over too. Roxie went on to say that all things considered, Sydney seems to be doing okay. All of us at the Holabird Advocate are hoping for the best. As her mother says, "She is a tough little bird!!!".
Over the weekend, the MSN search engine has brought 3 new readers the Holabird Advocate. The Circulation department reported that the searches were for "cartoon pictures of courthouses", which took them to the July 2002 archives. the second search was "beef it's what's for dinner video clips" which took them to the February 2002 archives. the third search was "jason pekarek", which took them to the school board election article.
When informed of this development Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle said in a statement this afternoon. "There's no doubt about it. We have to start using MSN for more of our internet searches. It is no wonder that Bill Gates is the richest man in this whole country. MSN has brought in more readers than any other search engine."

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