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Monday, May 05, 2003
VOL. II Issue 5D
With planting season here, and Mother's Day this coming Sunday, Kristi Hinkle will be opening her greenhouse this week. Here annual grand openning will be held on Saturday, May 10, which is the day before Mother's Day. Her location is the same, on Hiway 47 across from the lumber yard. All Holabird Advocate Readers who tell Kristi that they saw this article will get there names on the front page of the Holabird Advocate. That is, providing she tells us about it.
Those who go there now will see that it is all set up and ready for inventory, which Darrel and Kristi are going to get in there sometime in the next 12 hours. Kristi has not even openned yet and already she has been informed that she will recieve a major account because of the high quality of her plants. It is well known by all that Kristi operates the best greenhouse in Hyde County.
While waiting for Harold, Mary, and Jerry to get home from church yesterday, E.E. Hinkle got so hungry that he ate oatmeal leftover from breakfast. He had been complaining that Jerry fed him too much oatmeal while Mary was away. He has since quit complaining.
Harold, Mary, and Jerry got home at around 2:15 that afternoon because they were helping Kristi get her greenhouse ready. Jerry was quite concerned as to what they'd find when they got home. E.E's only concern, however, was how his favorite pair of plyers, that were lost for a couple of days suddenly came back right where he had them last. He and Jerry looked all over for them and never found them until they quit looking for the blasted things.
A lot of Readers are sending us virus warnings about a computer virus called "Life is Beautiful". After an investigation, it turns out that so far there is no such virus yet. Let's hope it stays that way.
Usually when Harold Hinkle misses his afternoon nap he's as nasty as Madonna's last music video. but he was awakened by his nephew K.C. Ferris, who resides in an undisclosed address in Seoul, Korea. He came over with his parents, Ken and Joyce Ferris of Huron. They and the Hinkles had a good time catching up. K.C. was busy noticing all the changes around the place. He also saw that the 100 year old Korean beveridge that he Gifted his grandfather with was still sealed. Ken Ferris spent most of his visit adjusting the sattelite dish that they brought over back at Easter, much to E.E.'s consternation.
K.C. had to catch a plane at Sioux Falls bound for Washington to see his sister, Sandy Soulek, and her family in Pascoe. E.E. noted that K.C. doesn't look abused.

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