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Friday, April 18, 2003
VOL. II Issue 4M
Calving is difficult under the best of circumstances. In wet and snowy conditions it can get downright impossible. Simply put, you can't save them all. The Hinkles have lost 5 calves, providing you count the conjoined twins as 2. It was 6 until yesterday, when it was discovered that a calf found dead the day before was up and running around.
Now, none of us here at the Holabird Advocate don't believe this is an Easter miracle or anything of that sort. We think the Ponderosa should employ a better Coroner to examine their "dead calves".
It seems like Mary Hinkle is always on the go, but she'll be going full steam ahead next week. Starting with Easter, she has to get up early to help with the Sunrise Service, assist with breakfast, teach Sunday School, attend the regular church service, then off to her mothers house for easter dinner and all the fighting that goes with it.
Monday will be a little easier. All she has to do is make something for the Germans from Russia meeting's potluck dinner (something with saurkraut, of course). Then she will have to attend the meeting, pay attention, and take notes, because she's the chapter's Secretary. Then she'll be forced by Harold to go see Doug, Noel, and the kid's for an hour or so.
Tuesday, she will be getting packed for the Ireland trip she's taking with her husband and her mother. Wednesday, she'll be going to the Twin Cities to a surprise birthday party for her. Thursday will see Mary, her husband, mother, two sisters and a brother-in-law off to Ireland. What happens next, only God knows. Of course, she won't relax there either. But maybe it'll all be worth it.
"The Man In The Middle" by Harley Campbell
Three men on the mountain
Up on Calvary
And the Man in the middle was Jesus
He died for you and me
Well the man on the left was a sinnin' man
Tied to the cross, he bled
He could have been forgiven
But he mocked the Lord instead
You say you are the Son of God
They nailed you to that tree
Come down, come down and save us
If God your Father be
Well the man on the right was a sinner too
But he was sorry for his sins
He asked the Lord's forgiveness
And Jesus said to him
Fear not, fear not this earthly death
Before this day is o'er
You'll be with me in Paradise
On Heaven's golden shore

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