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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
VOL. II Issue 4F
The propane tank at E.E. Hinkle's house has been popping off for some time now. Even painting it white only worked for a while. On Monday afternoon Jon Jessen of Harvest States came over to replace the valve. He didn't have the right parts, so he had to order the right parts. Those parts may be in on Thursday.
They waited until the tank was empty to do this replacement (apparently Jon doesn't like to live dangerously). As luck would have it, the April nights are getting slightly chilly. Of course, he has electric heat in the bedroom and the living room. The only place heat is a problem is the kitchen. His oven is electric, so cooking breakfast is not a problem. The kitchen was a very chilly 60 degrees this morning.
Today is Election day for the school board in Hyde county. On the ballot is a property tax "opt-out" and two seats on the school board. Those vying for the seats are former Holabird resident Mike Solberg, Jason Pekarek, Kevin Baloun and the incumbany, Julie Gutzmer, all of Highmore.
Harold Hinkle drove Mary, Jerry, and E.E. Hinkle to the polling place at the east wing of the Auditorium in Highmore. After voting, they went to the bank, grocery store, the post office, the Courthouse, and then to Agnes Hahn's house. All the exitement wore E.E. out so much he went to bed at 8:30 tonight.
The Holabird Advocate will have the election results for all those interested (and those not interested too) at a future date.

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