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Friday, April 04, 2003
VOL. II Issue 4D
Gulf War II ended it's second week with people around the world wondering, "Where on Earth is Saddam Hussein?". Earlier this week, an Iraq Information Minister read a statement "from Saddam" on Iraqi TV. Earlier today a man looking like Saddam walked the streets of Baghdad, drawing a crowd.
Other than that Gulf War II is going quite well. Private Jessica Lynch was rescued from her captors in a raid on a makeshift Iraqi hospital. Also, The Allies managed to take the Baghdad International Airport and found several chemical and biological weapons(did you hear that, Sean Penn?).
It was reported this morning that travelling out of the country couldn't be safer. Agnes Hahn is ready to do just that. Her passport is ready. No word on if the rush job costs extra or not. The forms were filled out just last Monday. It usually takes five days instead of five weeks.
Proud Grandparents Harold and Mary Hinkle announced that their grandson Cade won A "Most Beautiful Baby at Walmart" contest. Cade's uncle, Holabird Advocate Publisher Jerry Hinkle, is wondering if Cade was the only baby at Walmart that day. Perhaps that's where all the ugly kids gather.
by Jerry Hinkle
I'm going to step outside of my "courageous, dynamic Publisher" personna to ask you, the Readers, to join me in prayer tonight and every night at 8pm Holabird time until the End of Gulf War II. As a Christian and as an American I am quite concerned about what may be ahead for our Allied Fighting Forces. Word has come that "something" will happen to our Allied forces "when they least expect it". This "awful horror" may never take place. Perhaps it already has. In case it does happen I pray that God will use the evil that is planned to his glory. At least consider it. Thank you in advance either way.

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