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Thursday, April 03, 2003
VOL. II Issue 4C
The Highmore Elementary School checked all of their kindergarten kids for lice after discovering that one of the kids indeed had lice. Brittany Hinkle came home to tell her parents, " A lady looked for bugs in my hair." Brit's father, Darrel asked, "Did they find any?". "NO!" Brit replied, Darrel then asked, "Just cooties, huh?"
Jerry Hinkle has been mourning the loss of the now infamous lost Sully Buttes pizza cutter since he first discovered it was missing in August. This afternoon, while making pudding for his grandfather, E.E. Hinkle, he openned one of the kitchen drawers to get a spatula and there it was. April is really turning out to be his month. First, Jennifer Garner separates from her husband. Now, he finds his pizza cutter. Just remember, Jerry, the words of Frank Sinatra, "Flyin' high in April, Shot down in May".
E.E. Hinkle got word from his granddaughter Sandy Soulek that in addition to her regular job she will be working as a P.A. in a family practice. She will be taking care of a wide variety of people ranging from new mothers to elderly people, almost cradle to grave. She claims that she still has time to be lazy. Sandy and her family live in the Pascoe-Kennewick area, not too far from where E.E.'s cousin, Vera (Hosbrook) Brieder lives.
by Jerry Hinkle, of the Holabird Advocate
Whenever someone would watch the "Rosie O' Donnell Show" my Grandad would always throw a fit. He didn't dig Rosie, I guess. He always said "I wish they'd get her off the TV and put something decent on. Well, late last year, Rosie's out-Dr Phil is in. He actually enjoys Dr. Phil. No complaints from him yet. Not long ago he asked me what a "mid-life crisis" was. It took me 12-15 seconds to reply "I don't know, I'm not 60 yet".
Later that night the news was talking about Vern Halter. Now everyone in South Dakota knows who Vern is, but for those out of state, let me explain. Vern Halter was a banker from Vermillion or Flandreau, I'm not sure just where he calls home. He was making tons and tons of money. He wasn't happy though. Hard to imagine, but he wasn't happy. Vern quit his banker job to go to Alaska and race sled dogs. The bank he worked for sponsors his race team to this day. He races in the Iditarod every year. That's a race from Anchorage to Nome Alaska. He never finishes first, but he finishes. Whenever he's shown on TV, he sure looks happy. We could learn a lot from Vern. Now, not everybody can follow their dream like he did. Not everybody can live their dream like he does. Or can they?
"April Showers"
April showers
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